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The many health benefits of drinking lemon water

By Ravensthorpe: (NaturalNews) Lemons have always been cherished for their significant medicinal qualities. The ancient people of India, China and Mesopotamia regularly used lemons to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, while the ancient Egyptians took advantage of the fruit's antiseptic qualities and embalmed their mummies in its juices. Later, in 15th century Europe, lemons were recognized as the perfect cure for scurvy.

Coffee enemas: A key to detoxification and whole-body wellness

By Huff: (NaturalNews) Detoxification is an absolute necessity in today's polluted world, but which methods are the safest and most effective? If you can get over the "gross" factor, coffee enemas offer a holistic approach to detoxification and whole-body healing that has stood the test of time. Whether you suffer from a health condition as basic as occasional headaches or as severe as cancer, or if you simply want to maintain your current health status, coffee enemas offer proven health benefits without the need for toxic drugs or surgery.

How to avoid and eliminate fluoride toxicity

By Fassa: (NaturalNews) By now, you've read or seen videos about fluoridation dangers that do exist. Authoritative statements claim that it's natural and safe. However, only calcium fluoride from some wells or aquifers is natural, yet not totally safe. But the fluoride that's added into drinking water is very unsafe. Those small daily doses do accumulate in both bone and soft tissue to create health havoc.

Rejuvenate your health by optimizing these three bodily systems

By Henry: (NaturalNews)

Trying to understand the body and how it works can be an exercise in frustration and futility. Although there is no shortage of information to review, it is broken up into unorganized, fragmented pieces, which are difficult to piece together.

6 Ways to help your body detoxify

By Sinclair:(NaturalNews) When you choose to do a cleanse or detox, your goal is to rid the body of as many toxins as possible. Pathogens, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, and Candida are all targeted for elimination. A really good detox diet helps to cleanse the digestive tract, the kidneys, the liver, and the gallbladder, followed by the rest of the body. So what other actions can you take to help the process?


Study finds broccoli sprouts help detoxify the body

By Raw Michelle:(NaturalNews) A new study from Johns Hopkins University researchers has found that broccoli sprouts have the ability to provide detoxifying effects in the body, gaining recognition from those who have previously doubted food's impact on removing toxic chemicals from the system or who have taken issue with consumption of sprouts in general.(1,2)

Staying healthy and surviving our toxic world

By Edwards:(NaturalNews) There's no question our bodies were not meant to battle the number of toxins we are now exposed to each day. The rise in cancer rates is enough of a barometer to incite fear. We can also find warning in the rise of asthma, autism, ADHD, dementias, and auto-immune diseases. So how do we survive, and better yet, achieve optimal health?

What to eat in a toxic world

First and foremost, eat organic whenever possible. This is such a no-brainer. Why would you want to add herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides to your body?

Spring detox without the juice: Cleanse while eating real food

Notice how many juices are being bottled and sold on store shelves? We're literally being inundated by juice companies striving to get our attention to buy $10 juices by the dozens, ensuring we will get everything we need to clean out our systems if we just buy the juice.

How arsenic blocks the body from removing other heavy metals

The dangers associated with the heavy metal arsenic extend far beyond just its direct effects on immunity and cognitive function. A recent study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) reveals that chronic exposure to this deadly poison actually prevents the body from naturally removing many other toxic heavy metals like lead, mercury, iron and cadmium, allowing them to gradually accumulate in tissues and the brain.