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Activated charcoal for digestive and oral hygiene

Activated charcoal is not new to the world of healing therapies, yet it appears to have resurfaced in a big way and with good reason. Ancient civilizations had knowledge of how things in nature could be suitably transformed to aid bodily healing. Activated charcoal is a case in point. The ancient Greeks, Hindus and Egyptians apparently knew the worth of charcoal as an intestinal filter and digestive aid that eliminated odors, gas and constipation making it a reliable and safe internal cleanser.

Is your toothpaste harming your health?

In our modern world the message to brush, floss and gargle is drummed into us by media and dentists alike, delivering the message that although our lives may not depend on our commitment to oral hygiene, our teeth definitely do. So for many of us the dental routine is performed religiously, often several times a day without thought for the efficacy or safety of the products we are using. But what many don't realize is that in our attempts to fight off tooth decay and bad breath we may actually be using dental products that not only don't live up to their promises for healthier teeth, but that may also be hazardous to our health.