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Illinois 14 year old dies three weeks after HPV vaccination

Controversy about the HPV vaccination has circulated almost since its release. Drugs like Gardasil have been linked with serious permanent health problems and in some cases, death.

Emergency declared at Brunswick nuclear power plant in North Carolina… all personnel blocked from entering the facility as “hot shutdown” under way

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has declared a state of emergency for both units of the Brunswick nuclear power facilities in North Carolina.

Fukushima in America? Twelve nuclear power plants are in the path of Hurricane Florence… flooding, storm surge threaten cooling operations

At least twelve operating nuclear reactors are in the predicted path of Hurricane Florence, which has been upgraded to a category 4 storm as it surges toward the U.S. East Coast.

Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima and Death of the Pacific Ocean

The Guardian starts out a terrible tale saying, “The waters of the Pacific off the coast of California are a clear, shimmering blue today, so transparent it’s possible to see the sandy bottom below.

Cell phone dangers go way beyond radiation

Cell phone dangers are widely known – yet many people get overwhelmed (and ignore) the health risks associated with wireless technology. To be perfectly clear, cell phones do emit harmful radiation which threatens our cellular matrix. These disharmonic frequency vibrations place a constant stress on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.