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What Happens When Culture Doesn’t Respect Life? Drive-Thru Suicide Machines

It may sound—and look—a lot like a disturbing horrific novel. It’s very real, however, and it’s the latest in what has become the sad fallout of a culture becoming increasingly accepting and affirming of suicide.

This device takes assisted suicide a step further, removing the physician aspect of it. Now you can just hop in a little machine and end your life.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Palestinian culture is awash in hatred of Jews and Israelis and in a cult of victimhood. That may seem harsh, but it’s simply incontrovertible fact and sugar-coating it is what allows well-meaning folks like Secretary of State John Kerry to come back to the Middle East time and again peddling the same tired clichés and warmed-over peace plans. Until someone – preferably a Palestinian leader – deals with the cultural corruption in Palestinian society, there is little point to discuss peace.