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Increase in Creativity from LSD Microdosing Far Outweighs the Risks

bewellbuzz,, 2016
You may have heard about the new mind-altering method to improve productivity and creativity.

Toys that develop creativity and intelligence

This holiday season is fast approaching. There are avenues that enhance the creative, intelligent, emotional and spiritual development of children other than expensive toys and/or caving in to slick marketing advertising that convinces parents to purchase the latest toys and gadgets. As a psychologist, I spend the majority of my time retraining people and children's bad behavior which arises out of the skills missed in childhood that are circumvented, repressed or ignored. These skills include coping, executive, language and communication, emotional regulatory, cognitive flexibility and social. Most of these skills are acquired through children's PLAY. Here is a litmus test to guide consumers on purchases and activities that enhance creativity and intelligence and promote a healthy psyche.