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Has the U.S. Become a Medical Police State? How Doctors Deny Due Process to Kidnap Children Through CPS

The story is one that we hear repeatedly: parents take their child to the doctor for an accidental injury or an illness and end up being accused by a doctor of abusing their child.

75% of Children Taken by Texas CPS are Based on Unfounded Accusations

Meagan Corser of the Texas Home School Coalition recently published an article about the status of Child Protective Services (CPS) in Texas regarding the evidence required to terminate parental rights.

What she reports confirms what Health Impact News has exposed in many other states, that the vast majority of children taken away from parents are not for actual “abuse” where the child is in imminent danger.

Corser reports that by Texas CPS’ own admission:


CPS seizes family's 19-month-old son because doctors failed to diagnose his developmental delay

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) It isn't just the federal government that has become more tyrannical and authoritarian towards the people; state governments and state agencies are increasingly becoming just as much an enemy of the people in many respects as Uncle Sam is.

This is especially true when it comes to state child "protection" agencies, many of which are used by local authorities to punish citizens who refuse to "fit into the mold" of the "ideal society" or who otherwise cherish personal freedom and liberty more than anything else.

CPS kidnaps teen after heart attack, misdiagnoses mother with Munchausen by proxy

By Lilley: (NaturalNews) If ever there was a story that'll leave you scratching your head and wondering what's wrong with this world, it's the case of Anne Giroux and her teenage son, Kevin.

The story begins in 2009 with Kevin having chest pains along with shortness of breath. Despite numerous visits to the ER, doctors never referred him to a cardiologist. Instead, they diagnosed him with asthma, treating him through the years as though he had no heart problems.

Arizona child protection officials kidnap 7 children then issue gag order to keep parents quiet

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) Two Arizona parents say state Child Protective Services officials have essentially kidnapped seven of their children after one child died mysteriously while in the care of a babysitter friend months ago, though no criminal charges have been filed and no autopsy report has been issued by the medical examiner's office.

CPS threatens to take sick child away from mother for choosing medicinal marijuana over toxic chemotherapy

The medical establishment loathes when free-thinking people stray from its prescribed methods of disease treatment, which is why this imperious beast is aggressively trying to force a Colorado mother, who for more than a year has been successfully treating her leukemic son with healing, non-psychoactive cannabis oil, to instead poison her child with toxic chemotherapy, and possibly kill him in the process.

CPS Confiscates Healthy Girl From Parents Who Smoked Pot, Gave Her To A Murderous Foster Mother

A little girl was confiscated from her loving parents because they smoked marijuana, and given away to a foster mother who put her into a coma and killed her. Alexandria Hill, age 2, succumbed to her injuries after being “thrown to the ground.”

Corrupt CPS takes baby from couple after they seek second medical opinion

For generations doctors have implored their patients to "get a second opinion" to ensure that a diagnosis for a medical condition is accurate. Child Protective Custody bureaucrats in Sacramento, Calif., have either never heard of that - which would be extremely difficult to believe if true - or they simply don't care because they are from the government and, well, they know better.

CPS takes baby from mother to 'protect against' parents seeking a second opinion

After controversially taking a five-month old baby out of the custody of his parents at gun-point for seeking a second medical opinion on flu-like symptoms, Child Protective Services (CPS) sent a letter to a State Assemblyman of California, Tim Donnelly (R). In the letter, dated May 1, 2013, Sherri Z. Heller, the Director of Health and Human Service (HHS) which is the authority in charge of CPS, refused to release information to Assem. Donnelly.