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Hazelnuts improve older adults' micronutrient levels

Older adults who added hazelnuts to their diet for a few months significantly improved their levels of two key micronutrients, new research at Oregon State University indicates.

Copper-blended fabric provides protection against damaging EMFs

By Benson: (NaturalNews) Water piping, sanitary surfaces and now some clothing material are benefiting from the health-protective benefits of copper (Cu). A novel textile product known as Qoperfina, which contains a proprietary blend of organic fiber and natural therapeutic copper, can not only help protect you against harmful pathogens, according to its manufacturer, but also guard against the damaging effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

Iron and copper cause oxidative damage in liver

Both iron (Fe) and copper (Cu) are necessary elements in the body and vital to numerous processes for good health. Iron, in particular, is known for its use in the transportation of oxygen in the bloodstream, while copper is known for regulating processes in the reproductive, glandular and nervous system. However, they are only beneficial at low levels, and in proper balance.

Researches show copper can help solve Alzheimer’s, other brain diseases

Widespread applications for copper, the commodity that boasts the handle of "Dr. Copper" for its ability to quickly reflect changes in the economy, are about to get even wider, as researchers from US-based Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have discovered copper has chemical properties that make it essential to a healthy brain.