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The politically correct left is trying to BAN the Bible!

The United States Constitution is the supreme law. The first ten amendments protect individual liberty and justice, and place restrictions on the powers of government. Is California trying to upset this balance?

Tech giants’ evil censorship plan was a coordinated, premeditated attack on America’s liberties

In January 2017 nearly one hundred donors and progressive groups came together at a retreat in Florida to discuss ways to control information online, to delegitimize conservatives, and subvert the President of the United States.

Proposed law would make it illegal to protect your body from being shot by police... even if they raid the wrong home

J. D. Heyes, April 26 2016
Not only do congressional Democrats want to take away your constitutional right to own a firearm, they also want to extinguish all methods of protecting yourself from being shot, even if it's the police doing the shooting.

BREAKING: Obama Reveals He’s Sending Army of Feds Against Sheriff Joe, & Their Orders Are Sick

Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., is a straight-talking sheriff with decades of experience and a proven track record of effectively enforcing immigration law that the federal government has refused to enforce for almost seven years.