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They evacuated to escape the deadly Camp Fire. Then norovirus invaded their shelter.

More than a dozen people who evacuated to escape the devastating Camp Fire in Northern California have been sickened by a contagious virus that has spread through an emergency shelter, officials say.

Self-induced DISASTER: California fires the direct result of shortsighted environmentalist policies that prohibit forest management

Actions have consequences, and bad actions often have bad consequences.

Monsanto / Bayer now facing over 8,000 lawsuits alleging its glyphosate (Roundup) herbicide causes cancer

A California judge has issued a landmark ruling that affirms the cancer-causing effects of glyphosate, the primary active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.

California’s Toxic Pot Problem

Marijuana reform efforts have increased access for millions of consumers in legal states—but the sustained demand for weed on the black market is wreaking havoc on the environment.

Illegal marijuana growth in California is producing significantly more chemical pollution than previously thought, unpublished state data obtained by Reuters reveals.

California to Delay BPA Warnings on Canned Foods Because Regulator Says Label Is Too Scary

Steven Maxwell, March 30, 2016
To tell or not to tell. That is the dilemma and heated debate which is occurring in California over Bisphenol A (BPA) in some of the canned food products sold at grocery stores.

California’s Largest Tribe Bans GMO Crops and Genetically-Engineered Salmon

Lorraine Chow, 27 December 2015
he Yurok Tribe—California’s largest tribe with roughly 5,000 enrolled members—passed a historic ban on genetically modified (GMOs) crops and salmon.

Government data shows U.S. being bombarded with Fukushima radiation 1,000 times higher than normal

David Gutierrez, December 12, 2015
Government data shows that the U.S. is being bombarded with Fukushima radiation 1,000 times higher than normal.

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California mandatory vaccination bill allows courts to order forced injection of neurotoxins into developing children

<strong><h5><p>Ethan A. Huff, October 12, 2015
Parents of school-aged children in California are facing another hurdle to education as public school systems throughout the Golden State attempt to force students with preexisting personal beliefs or philosophical vaccine