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Abbott Laboratories calls off sale of flu vaccine business

Abbott Laboratories has called a halt to the sale of its European flu-vaccine unit because of due to undervaluing initial offers, Abbott’s spokeswoman Melissa Brotz said yesterday, confirming a previous report by The Wall Street Journal.


What's the reason global food prices keep rising?

We witness a plethora of reasons for the rise of food commodities. Some have blamed transportation costs, others claim it's the money exchange rate, and there are even some who say its Bio-fuels. And of course the Chinese are on the blame list (they get blamed for almost everything). And, now the Middle East is being blamed.

Health Experts Attack McDonald's, but Can They Bite Into Its Bottom Line?

McDonald's (MCD) got a letter from 550 health experts Wednesday accusing the fast food giant of ignoring the impact its products -- and its marketing -- have on America's children.

BP Buys Off Coastal Cities With Unrelated Gear

Since the gulf disaster, BP has “gifted” near gulf cities with tens of millions in the form of gadgets and gear like tasers, brand new SUVs, iPads and other laptops. This gift spree has virtually nothing to do with disaster cleanup efforts or helping victims.

China to dump two-thirds of U.S. debt reserves?

Amid near-daily reports that the U.S. dollar continues to slide in value comes a report that China, the largest holder of U.S. debt, is considering dumping two-thirds of its dollar reserves, which currently stand at about $3.04 trillion.