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Six pack abs have a negative effect on breathing

Connecting from the ribs and breastbone all the way down to the pubic bone, the “six pack” muscle or rectus abdominus is worshiped as the icon of fitness in our culture. In reality, this muscle should be toned, but not tight. Flat sexy abs – which are the gold standard of sexiness – are detrimental to breathing, moving and good postural alignment.

How to control your emotional state through breathing

For centuries, the art of breathing has been one of a myriad of tools employed by Yoga masters in order to calm the body and mind, in preparation for meditation, contemplation or simply to remain in control of one's emotions. Long utilized as a spiritual practice, a recent study has now brought the use of breathing as a way to control emotions into the realm of neuroscience. The results are promising and could mean a reduction in the administration of drugs as a form of anxiety, depression and anger management.