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Israel Update - Off the Face of the Earth

Off the Face of the Earth
The remarkable story of a group of Holocaust survivors who hid in one of the world's largest caves.

The night of October 12, 1942, when the Stermers finally ran for good, was moonless and unseasonably cold. The roads in and out of the town of Korolowka, deep in the farm country of western Ukraine, were empty of the cart traffic that had peaked during the fall harvest days.. After a month of backbreaking work, most residents had already drifted off to sleep.

Prescription Games: Life, Death and Money Inside the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Author: Jeffrey Robinson

Simon & Schuster 2001

There is not a word about supplements or alternative medicine in the book. It is written like a Grisham thriller about the dirty tricks and powerplay by Big Pharma. But in this book the exiting stories are true, and based on extensive fact finding and research.