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Tax Honesty Movement Loses A Leader


Tax Law Researcher Dan Meador Passes
Schulz to Speak in NY State and Chicago 

The Tax Honesty Movement lost one of its best this week when dedicated and accomplished tax law researcher Dan Meador passed away at his Oklahoma home from a heart related condition. 

WHY You Should Help


Lawsuit Funding Progress

Continued thanks to the many that have contributed to what is expected to be a legal battle of historic proportions and untold significance to the future of the Republic.

To date, approximately $50,000 of the $285,000 necessary to move the Right To Petition lawsuit forward into the courts has been raised.

No “Neo-Patriots” Here

Right To Petition Lawsuit Update 

Nov. 4, 2003 

Many, many thanks to the 158 Americans that have responded thus far to the call we issued ten days ago to fund our historic Right to Petition class-action lawsuit. These Patriots sent in nearly $40,000.  This is an average donation of $255.  

“Only” $245,000 to go. J 

The End is About to Begin

Please click here to make a donation in support of the lawsuit.


"Make no mistake, the actions our government takes in response to this lawsuit depend not only upon the validity of the legal arguments put forth in the courts, but also on the reaction of the People in the court of public opinion."

Update: Class Action Lawsuit


Update: Class Action Lawsuit

Phase 1: Completed
Phase 2: $285,000 Needed

The End is About to Begin

September 4 was the date of our last update on the pending class action, “We The People v. The US Government.” 

Since then our attorney, Mark Lane, has developed and presented his suggested plan of attack and drafts of the papers to be filed in court. 

Fighting Words

By Carl F. Worden 

Thanks largely to Bob Schulz of the We The People Foundation and the Internet, Americans in every walk of life nationwide are becoming increasingly aware of the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Justice's outright refusal to cite federal law that specifically requires American citizens to pay an income tax, or for employers to withhold income taxes from their employees.

Non-Withholding Employer Simkanin Pleads Guilty


US District Court Colludes With DOJ To Force Plea
Court Filings Document Trail of Denied Due Process

Schulz Appears on FOX News To Respond
Early last week, non-withholding employer Dick Simkanin plead guilty to a single felony charge of failing to withhold employment taxes from his employees. 

Tell IRS To “Drop Dead”


Tell IRS To “Drop Dead”
Lemons’ Response Last Straw

Watch as IRS Commissioner Everson & Officials
Evade & Obfuscate the Truth 

For many months, Americans caught up in resisting the IRS’s income tax fraud have contacted WTP for direct legal assistance and advice.  As you know, WTP’s primary mission is education and facilitating citizen vigilance and activism.  It does not include providing specific, individual assistance on tax or legal matters. 


The Lawsuit to Restore Constitutional Order 

History Making Lawsuit Proceeds
Legal Team Engaged

Law Professors Back Us:
Right to Petition is THE Cornerstone of Popular Sovereignty

Join & Support The Lawsuit

Note: This article is the long awaited announcement that we have referred to repeatedly for several weeks.
It may be the most important update we have ever posted due to the extraordinary events that will soon unfold for our nation as a direct result of this legal initiative.