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Take the stress off your back with these 3 helpful strategies

If you’re constantly suffering from lower back pain or if you want to hasten your recovery from surgery or some other back-related condition, you need to protect and strengthen your lumbar spine.

Investigative Journalist Exposes the Fraudulent Back Pain Industry

A recently published book by investigative journalist Cathryn Jakobson Ramin reveals that the back pain industry may be more crooked than you think. In her book, Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery, Ramin exposes the motive behind frightening diagnoses and the influence of pharmaceutical companies. In addition, she shatters assumptions about surgery, chiropractic methods and spinal injections.


Rid Yourself of Back and Joint Pain in Just 7 Days

Backaches can haunt us for months and years. But, we’re happy to present an ancient remedy that doctors used to help the soldiers to support healthy joints and alleviate many problems related to joint and back pain.

We tried it and the results were more than surprising!

If you feel pain in the neck, the back, the legs or the joints, this recipe is an ideal solution for you!

Method of Preparation:

-Buy 150 grams of organic edible gelatin. 150 grams are enough for one month.

Muscle relaxants and opioids offer no extra relief for low back pain, study finds

Susan Perry | 10/22/15
Opioids are frequently prescribed — often along with muscle relaxants and over-the-counter pain relievers — to people with moderate to severe low back pain

Learn how to naturally mitigate back pain without drugs or chemicals

By Goodrich:(NaturalNews) Nearly 80 percent of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their life, using paracetamol as their first go-to medicine to soothe the pain. However, a recent study published in The BMJ (British Medical Journal) found that paracetamol is one of the most ineffective ways to treat back pain and osteoarthritis, and it increase the risk of liver issues.

"Patients were nearly four times more likely to have abnormal results on liver function tests compared to those taking placebo pills," said Gustavo Machado, one of the researchers.

Reduce lower back pain with the right back exercises

Around four out of five people experience back pain during their lifetime, and many people suffer chronic pain that lowers their quality of life. Surgery is rarely needed for back problems and accepting living with daily pain is also a rare necessity. Back pain can usually be relieved with proper stretching and back exercises. If your problem is severe, you may need to speak with a doctor about your limitations. These exercises will help most people build up their back muscles and relieve tension that can lead to decreased pain. Back exercises can also prevent back injuries and issues from developing.

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) treats back pain naturally: Research

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, there is hope beyond a life of just taking pharmaceutical painkillers all the time to cope with the agony. The all-natural antioxidant compound alpha lipoic acid, also known as ALA, has been shown in a limited subset of trials to help alleviate certain types of chronic lower back pain and restore quality of life, all without causing harmful side effects.

Doctors ignore back pain self-care guidelines and prescribe useless surgeries and meds instead

In today's current medical arena, the mass consumption of useless surgeries and medications is growing at alarming rates. A new study by Dr. Bruce Landon from the Harvard Medical School shows that many doctors today are ignoring back pain self care guidelines and are instead sending patients through unnecessary tests and addictive narcotic treatments.

Jump for joy - Chronic low back pain relieved with acupuncture

Debilitating for both the afflicted individual and supportive family, costly in relation to loss of work and surgical medical interventions, health-damaging from medication side-effects, and stressful to manage; chronic low back pain may be eased with a surprising low-cost, simple, low side-effects, relaxing treatment option - acupuncture.

Lower Back Pain...Should You Use Ice or Heat?

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are plagued by lower back pain (lumbago). About 80% of people experience it at some point in their lives, and is very common in the aging population. There are more than 30 kinds of low back pain. In fact, there's a type of back pain caused by a rupture of blood vessel. This can be very dangerous and may lead to sudden death. In this article, we'll introduce to you some various measures that you can apply to deal with different types of low back pain.