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Planned Parenthood advocates illegal aliens giving birth while encouraging black Americans to have more abortions

The nation’s largest provider and advocate of unborn baby murder is hilariously trying to virtue signal some kind of manufactured outrage over impending plans by President Donald Trump to end birthright citizenship for illegal aliens.

What Your Newborn is Leaving Behind in Your Body

Perhaps to prime us for a lifetime of our children leaving things behind, it turns out that babies shed fetal cells before being born. These cells live inside the mother’s body, even years after a child has been delivered – meaning that as moms, we carry a physical piece of our babies with us wherever we go. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?


Study: Toxic chemicals in makeup, plastics and other everyday products are harming unborn babies, damaging the brain and reducing IQs

(NaturalNews) Most consumers generally assume that products available on the market are proven to be safe. They believe that the government would not allow any product on the market that may be harmful to their health.

NHS to harvest babies' organs: 'Ghoulish' proposal gives mothers pregnant with a damaged foetus an agonising choice - abort the dying child or give birth so body parts can be used for transplants

Beezy Marsh And Stephen Adams, 10 March 2016
Women whose babies develop fatal defects in the early stages of pregnancy will be given advice on going ahead with the birth so the NHS can harvest their organs, The Mail on Sunday can reveal

More women in the US use midwives

Jennifer White recently gave birth to her baby with the help of a certified nurse-midwife. The first-time mother decided on a home birth after learning how many hospitals opt for cesarean sections. Arkansas’ rate of cesarean sections is 33-35%, a number too high for White’s comfort. (1)

Chinese government rescues hundreds of babies in human trafficking bust

Chinese authorities have disrupted four online baby-selling rings, rescuing 382 infants in the process and crippling a trend toward high-end, highly organized, Internet-based baby trafficking, news outlets in Beijing have reported recently.

FDA considers approval of genetically modified babies

As mainstream society inches increasingly further away from the natural order of things, some scientists are busy hatching new methods of human reproduction that employ the same gene-altering techniques used by biotechnology companies like Monsanto. And according to new reports, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is fully on board with this brave new agenda, having recently met to discuss the future of what the mainstream media is now referring to as genetically modified (GM) human beings.

Don't choose convenience over health (avoid infant formulas)

Do you know what is in your baby's formula? Billed as the best alternative to breast milk, parents around the world have been feeding their infants commercially produced baby formula for decades. While it may be convenient for many parents, you are not doing your baby any favors. Many people assume that the Food and Drug Administration is watching out for your best interests and would never approve products that could be dangerous. But that would mean they are actually doing their job. That could be a very dangerous assumption to make.