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Can ultrasounds during pregnancy cause autism

According to the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, ultrasound is a form of energy with effects in the tissues it traverses. Essentially, this energy (sound waves) can deform cells and of most concern are the cells associated with the formation of the cortex in the brain.

Boy diagnosed with autism has higher IQ than Einstein; thriving despite failure of public school system

When the experts told Kristine Barnett of Indiana that her two-year-old son would probably never be able to read or even tie his shoes due to his severe case of autism, the brave mother of three decided to take matters into her own hands. And as a result, she helped nurture the young boy into the genius he is today, defying all odds and proving that the government-run education system as we currently know it is a complete failure.

nsane dentist ravages autistic man by pulling ALL his teeth while he was unconscious

It's a nightmare scenario. You go to see your dentist. He drugs you into a stupor and begins pulling not one, not two, but all thirty-two of your teeth. As you come out of your stupor, he sends you on your way - toothless, as he disappears behind a dark curtain.

Is the modern western lifestyle responsible for the increase in autism?

There have been literally hundreds of research projects looking into the possible causes of autism. Many have linked autism to vaccines, diet and chemicals in our environment. Others have linked autism to other, more bizarre causes such as jaundice and sociological issue

Taking folic acid supplements in early pregnancy can prevent autism

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in 88 children in the U.S. has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) -- but little is known about how the disorder develops and methods for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment are limited. But now comes word from a large study just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that offers hope autism and related disorders can be prevented before birth, naturally. The key? Taking prenatal folic acid supplement

How autism is connected to mercury toxicity - and what to do about it

A recent study published in the Polish journal Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis raises new and pertinent questions about the intensifying link between mercury toxicity and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Far from being the definitively debunked hoax that the mainstream media and so-called "skeptics" have arrogantly declared it to be, the purported connection between mercury exposure, particularly in vaccines, and autism is becoming nearly undeniable, as evidence continues to emerge showing that the official story on the matter is complete bunk.

The top 10 toxic chemicals linked to autism

Toxic chemicals pose a serious threat to our children’s health. The National Academy of Sciences states that 25 percent of disorders in children, such as autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, are believed to be caused by interactions between environmental factors and genetics.