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Animal Rights


Sweden's Board of Agriculture together with Sweden's National Board for Laboratory Animals recently decided on new regulations for using animals in research. One of the most important changes is that great apes and nine species of Gibbon apes will be exempt from use in experiments from june this year. Only non-invasive behavioural studies of these animals will be allowed in the future.


Iceland Plans to Catch Hundreds of Large Whales

REYKJAVIK, Iceland, April 4, 2003 (ENS) - Whale conservationists around the world have condemned Iceland's proposal submitted this week to the International Whaling Commission to begin whaling under the convention's scientific research provisions.

The plan would allow Iceland to catch 100 fin whales, 50 sei whales and 100 northern minke whales each year. Both fin and sei whales are classified as endangered by IUCN, the World Conservation Union.


Poachers Shoot Down Seven Ugandan Elephants

KAMPALA, Uganda, April 4, 2003 (ENS) - Seven elephants were killed by ivory poachers in Queen Elizabeth National, the Uganda Wildlife Authority reported today. The six adult elephants and one calf were taken in the first poaching incident in three years, wildlife officials said.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Executive Director Dr. Arthur Mugisha said the agency "condemns this poaching incident" and is investigating to determine "who the perpetrators are and where the ivory is destined."


In-class 'art' experiment has animal activists livid

Fri, Apr. 04, 2003

In-class 'art' experiment has animal activists livid
By Carrie Sturrock

A UC Berkeley student, apparently trying to make the point that people are too removed from their food sources, slaughtered a chicken in front of shocked classmates.


"Panelists chew on horse meat"

Testimony heard on House bill to allow sales outside U.S.
San Antonio Express-News, March 26, 2003

Austin - Sue Harris doesn't eat sushi or escargot, but she wouldn't stop anyone else from eating it, and she wouldn't stop them from eating horse meat, she told a House panel Tuesday. "Who are we to sit in judgment of people who eat horsemeat?" the Elkhart horse owner asked the House Agriculture and Livestock Committee. House Bill 1324, authored by Rep. Betty Brown, R-Terrell, would allow meat from slaughtered horses to be sold outside of the United States. 


HB 433 (Allen): “Animal rights and ecological terrorism”

HB 433 amends the Penal Code to add the offense of “animal rights and ecological te rrorism.”  The proposal prohibits certain activities by an “animal rights or ecological terrorist organization”—defined as “two or more persons org anized for the purpose of supporting any politically motivated activity intended to obstruct or deter any person from participating in an activity involving animals or an activity involving natural resources.”


Ocean Crisis Caused by Destructive Fishing

By Cat Lazaroff

DENVER, Colorado, February 18, 2003 (ENS) - Some of the most productive marine fishing methods are also the most damaging, and should be restricted or banned, scientists argued at a scientific meeting this week. Today, more than 400 leading scientists called today for the United Nations to issue a moratorium on longline and gillnet fishing, methods they say are wiping out populations of fish, turtles, marine mammals and other species in the Pacific Ocean.


Animal experimentation is increasing

Fellow Activist,


I do not have good news for you.  Animal experimentation is increasing. 


Why do I say that animal experimentation is increasing?  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funds more animal experiments than any other government agency.  The number of grants (involving animal use) funded by the NIH increased 12% from 2001 – 2002. 

12% is a dry statistic.  It cannot convey suffering and death.