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Pets could spread new infections: researchers

By Alissa J. Rubin and Elisabeth Penz, Times Staff Writers

May 15, 2006

VIENNA — Year after year, undaunted by winter ice or the weak sun of Central Europe's spring, elderly Viennese have flocked to the water park on the Danube with bags of stale bread crumbs.


Greenies Could Endanger Your Dog

Feb. 17, 2006 —

 Ruthie Shimabukuro spent almost $12,000 trying to save her pet's life. She says the problems started when a Greenies dog treat got lodged in her dog's intestine.

"I was shocked that it — that something highly digestible — would cause an obstruction," Shimabukuro said.

Greenies are designed to clean teeth and gums, and freshen dogs' breath. They are marketed as completely edible. But dogs may bite off more than they can actually chew.


Pet owners failing to help animals fight flab

Fri 6 Jan 2006

PET owners are failing to help their animals work off their Christmas excess despite a third of domestic animals in the UK being overweight, a survey showed today.

Nearly four out of 10 owners admitted their pet put on weight during the Christmas period, with 46 per cent saying they even prepared a special Christmas meal for them.


Bird Flies 2,500 Miles for Baby's Food

By MICHAEL CASEY, Associated Press Writer Thu Dec 22, 2005

BANGKOK, Thailand - Talk about a working mother. A Christmas Island frigate bird named Lydia recently made a nonstop journey of just over 26 days and covering nearly 2,500 miles — across Indonesian volcanoes and some of Asia's busiest shipping lanes — in search of food for her baby.

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Disorientation seen in mass Australia whale deaths

Thu Oct 27, 2005

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The death of about 110 stranded whales in the southern Australian state of Tasmania was probably caused by the animals becoming disoriented in confusing coastal waters, officials said on Thursday.

The long-finned pilot whales died after two separate strandings on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Marion Bay area, on the southeastern coast of the island state.


Oppose the USDA's Mandatory Property and Animal Surveillance Program

by herdsire
Oct 16, 2005

(reprint of article by Mary Zanoni, Ph.D., contact info at the end)

Poultry fanciers and keepers of small flocks are facing a grave threat from a proposed government intrusion into their innocent choice of pastimes and way of life.
For several years, the USDA has been working with the largest-scale animal industry organizations (for example, the National Pork Producers, Monsanto Company, and Cargill Meat) to develop a mandatory "National Animal Identification System" ("NAIS").



Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and
Elissa Meininger
October 13, 2005

"Higher profits mean healthier patients" National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues 2005

"People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices." -- Adam Smith 1776


Are asthmatic cats allergic to humans?

Wed Oct 19, 2005

LONDON (Reuters) - Cats are blamed for triggering asthma attacks in humans but veterinarians in Scotland said on Wednesday it may also work the other way around.

Irritants such as cigarette smoke, dusty homes and human dandruff can increase inflammation in feline lungs and worsen asthma in cats.

"There is a percentage of asthmatic cats whose asthma has been triggered by things people do, or possibly by people themselves," said Nicki Reed, of the University of Edinburgh's Hospital for Small Animals in Scotland.