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Ancient History

Author Explains Why Mysterious Archeological Find Blew Him Away and Sent an ‘Earthquake’ Through the Biblical Studies World

An author and Bible expert who has spent a great deal of time analyzing recent archaeological discoveries said that he has been “blown away” by an ancient tablet that was discovered back in 2000 — one that has caused an “earthquake” in the biblical studies field.

Government seizes 1,800-year-old looted statue of goddess Persephone worth £1.5million and vows to return it to Libya

An ancient Greek statue worth £1.5million was ‘unlawfully excavated’ from a world heritage site in Libya and brought to the UK, a judge has ruled.

Archaeologists Find Mysterious 2,000-Year-Old Jewish Message Tucked Away in Secret Chamber: ‘A Very Significant Discovery’

In what’s been called an extraordinary find, Israeli archaeologists have discovered a wall full of drawings and inscriptions believed to have been created during the Second Temple period.

FAITH Archaeologists Say They Have Uncovered the Gate to the Biblical Goliath’s Hometown

Archaeologists believe they have discovered the entrance gate to the biblical city of Gath, Goliath’s hometown, located about halfway between Jerusalem and the coastal city of Ashkelon.

Critics Of Bible Silenced Once Again: Archaeological Discoveries Prove Old Testament To Be Accurate

For many years, the critics of the Old Testament continued to argue that Moses invented the stories found in Genesis. The critics contended that the ancient people of the Old Testament times were too primitive to record documents with precise details.

150,000-Year-Old Pipes Baffle Scientists in China: Out of Place in Time?

Epoch Times Oopart (out of place artifact) is a term applied to dozens of prehistoric objects found in various places around the world that seem to show a level of technological advancement incongruous with the times in which they were made.