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Alterantaive Therapies

5 Ancient Health Therapies Still In Use Today

Hydrotherapy has been in practice for over thousands of years. Water is a natural part of the body, of which over 69 percent is comprised of water-based blood and other human fluids. Water has numerous effects when it is applied as a therapeutic form of treatment to relieve stress, toxins, ailments and other diseases from the human form.

Get Rid of Your Hemorrhoids Naturally

"I've had hemorrhoids for 20 years. I'm a vegetarian and health nut. Even with my healthy diet and lifestyle I could never get rid of them. I tried Hemroid Harry's Herbal Remedy and within two weeks the hemorrhoids had shrunk and after a month they were completely gone!"

Two all natural supplements for depression

When most people believe they are experiencing symptoms of depression the first thing they do is run to the doctors office, hoping to be prescribed a pharmaceutical that will magically cure all of their symptoms and make them happy again.


If there is anyone who can do justice to the monumental contribution of Weston A Price DDS, Francis Pottenger MD, Dr. Max Gerson MD, and William Donald Kelley DDS, (who forever changed our understanding in fields of health, nutrition and medicine) it is Dr. Gonzalez MD.