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Oldest Man Smoked All his Life and Lived to 146 – This Was His Secret

The oldest human on Earth just died in Indonesia at the age of 146. Some are skeptical of the validity of his age, because Indonesia did not record births before 1900, and has previously made mistakes. The officials, however, state that Sodimedjo’s documents are correct.

With Sodimedjo’s or Mbah Ghoto’s (aka Grandpa Ghoto’s) passing, comes a question – what did he do for his health to live such an incredibly long life? The answer is not much, by traditionally lauded health standards, anyway.


If you’re over 60, drink up: alcohol associated with better memory

Brian Downer, PhD, October 22, 2014
Researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, University of Kentucky, and University of Maryland found that for people 60 and older who do not have dementia, light alcohol consumption during late life is associated with higher episodic memory — the ability to recall memories of events.

It is not natural for the human memory to decline with age; such memory loss is a sign of disease

Although the conventional wisdom would have us believe that people's memories naturally deteriorate as they get older, age-related memory loss is not found in all cultures around the world.

Happiness Increases with Age, Across Generations

Psychological well-being has been linked to many important life outcomes, including career success, relationship satisfaction, and even health. But it’s not clear how feelings of well-being change as we age, as different studies have provided evidence for various trends over time.