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Social Media Really Does Cause Depression. Here Are 6 Ways To Make It A Healthier Habit

We've known for a while that social media use is linked to symptoms of depression and loneliness, primarily by causing FOMO-related anxiety (i.e., fear of missing out on experiences with your friends, or at least knowing what everybody's up to) or by making us constantly compare our lives and bodies to those of random internet people.

USA tops charts for WORST health outcomes of all industrialized nations with 70% of Americans taking experimental prescription drugs

In some countries, doctors are paid bonuses for healing their patients, or they’re not even paid at all until the patient becomes well.

Too much screen time alters the brain: Overuse of electronic devices leads to addiction, imbalance in brain chemistry

Wherever you go today, you will see people with their heads looking down at the tiny screen in their hands.

Health Ranger Report, Sean Cohen interview on kicking the smoking addiction for good

In this Health Ranger Report, Mike Adams interviews Sean Cohen, author of "14AndOut," a course that helps smokers quit the addiction by learning innovative techniques and strategies never before heard.