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Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl L Carnitine Information

What Is L-Carnitine?

L carnitine is derived from the lysine and methionine amino acids. It is mainly synthesized in the liver and the kidneys, and must be transported for use to other tissues in the body. It is found in highest concentration in tissues that use fatty acids as the main dietary fuel, such as the skeletal and cardiac muscles.

Potential Acetyl l Carnitine Benefits of according to published studies

Acetylcarnitine may improve mental fatigue in those who suffer from chronic

fatigue syndrome.

Patients with multiple sclerosis are helped by acetylcarnitine, which reduces their fatigue.

In aging rats, chronic administration of acetylcarnitine increases cholinergic synaptic transmission and consequently enhances learning capacity. The memory of aging rats is rejuvenated by giving them a combination of acetylcarnitine and lipoic acid.

Alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L-carnitine combine to form the Elixir of Life?

It’s a bit like a scene from a movie: the elderly scientist, working late in the lab, takes a sip of potion from a bubbling flask and undergoes a miraculous transformation as his body regains its youth and vigour. Pure fantasy? Maybe not – because that’s pretty much what happened to elderly laboratory rats when they were fed two dietary supplements in a recent landmark study. According to the professor in charge of the study, ‘the old rats became so full of energy, they got up and did the Macarena’!