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Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey exposed for ties to Big Pharma abortion pill maker… effort to derail Kavanaugh is plot to protect abortion industry profits

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, who claims — without any evidence — that Kavanaugh inappropriately touched her at a drunken party while in high school, turns out to have ties to an abortion pill pharmaceutical company called Corcept Therapeutics.

Ectogenesis: the end of the abortion debate?

Ectogenesis, or the gestation of fetus in an environment ex utero, was once an idea confined to the realm of science fiction. But research involving the incubation of premature lambs in artificial gestation bags has made pundits think that fetal development ex utero may soon be possible.

The possibility of ectogenesis raises significant ethical questions, such as this: “will ecogenesis allow us to reconcile pro-choice and pro-life positions on abortion?”


Pope Francis guts Vatican pro-life academy of members chosen by St. John Paul II

VATICAN CITY, Italy, June 15, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – In his clearing out and re-stacking of the Vatican’s highest pro-life institution, Pope Francis has not invited many former members specifically chosen by Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI for their pro-life-and-family credentials as well as their fidelity to Catholic teaching. Many of those not invited back had previously been openly critical of the direction the Academy was being pushed in recent years.

Gov. Nikki Haley signs bill outlawing abortion at 20 weeks

Gov. Nikki Haley on Wednesday signed legislation making it illegal for a woman to get an abortion once her pregnancy reaches 20 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest.
The measure, which went into effect with Haley’s signature, was passed out of the Senate last week.
The governor did not immediately issue a statement explaining her support.
The law allows doctors to perform abortions past 20 weeks only if the fetus has been diagnosed with an “anomaly” and will die, or the mother’s life is threatened. Doctors who disobey the new rules would face jail time.

Babies can live outside the womb as early as 22 weeks, science shows

By Lilley: NaturalNews) A study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) will undoubtedly add more controversy to the already heated subject of abortion; it was found that premature babies are surviving earlier outside of the womb -- specifically, at just 22 weeks. Furthermore, it was discovered that some of these children, with proper medical treatment, can go on to survive and live completely healthy lives.

Parents told to abort their baby girl because she would be born with an ugly face

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) Those who adhere to the political Left's vision of itself as a purveyor of fairness, defender of the most vulnerable and champion of individual rights and the common man will never see the movement as the self-righteous, authoritarian, hypocritical, social-engineering apparatus that it truly is, for they are blinded by ideology.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that such chicanery in a political movement be exposed as often as it occurs, for only in the presentation of truth can minds, however closed, be opened.

Planned Parenthood celebrates history of killing millions of unborn black babies for Black History Month

By Lilley:(NaturalNews) There are good ideas, and then there are bad ideas. Really bad ones.

In a decision that marries ill timing and a tactless approach in an effort to highlight both Black History Month and Planned Parenthood's 99th year, the organization has announced its "99 Dream Keepers" initiative. According to the organization's website, the initiative is explained as follows:

To celebrate Black History Month, Planned Parenthood is honoring 99 African American leaders -- one for each year since Planned Parenthood was founded.(1)

Obamacare architect Gruber a promoter of abortion-facilitated eugenics that targets poor black families

By Heyes:(NaturalNews) Liberals love to pretend that they have so much more "compassion" than conservatives, especially for minorities, but in reality there isn't much compassion in policies that hurt minority communities by keeping them mired in failure and poverty.

Alabama Supreme Court: 'an unborn child has an inalienable right to life'

The Alabama Supreme Court has affirmed in an 8-1 ruling that, in a case about a pregnant woman who used cocaine and thus endangered her unborn child, the world child in state law includes "an unborn child," which therefore "furthers the State's interest in protecting the life of children from the earliest stages of their development."