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Recover Deleted Mobile SMS

SIM card data salvager utility revives text messages, draft saved SMS, phonebook contact numbers with name, recent dialed, received call with date and time from your corrupted SIM card memory. Cell phone SIM card SMS revival tool reads SIM card with the help of USB card reader (phoenix type or PC/SC standards based USB SIM card reader). SIM card information recovery software rescues all SIM card data including IMSI, ICC-ID card identification number along with service provider name and many other details of your mobile phone SIM card.

How to Choose the Best Acai Product

It is vitally important that you check the ingredients of any product that you are considering purchasing. Ask any questions that you have about the ingredients before you make your purchase. When looking at these types of weight loss supplements and products, it is best to consider four things. They include:


Is Acai Berry a Super Food?

Dr. Perricone noted that the berry has so many outstanding benefits, that you would hard pressed to find a more impressive and nutritious food on the planet. Blueberries were once noted as one of the most nutritious foods in the world, but even it pales when compared to the acai berry which has nearly 4 times the antioxidants of the blueberry.


A Bad Combination - High Fiber and Acid Reflux

There is a little known bad effect of eating a high fiber diet. Most recommendation on the amount of fiber to eat is in the range of 30 to 40 gm per day. And as you age this becomes more important since high fiber diets help you remove excess cholesterol in the colon and help regulate your bowel movements. In addition, fiber helps to remove toxins from your colon and provide food for the good bacterial.


Quit Smoking and Save A Fortune

There are many costs associated with smoking, some are obvious such as the cost of the individual packs or cartons of cigarettes, other costs are hidden, but can still place a drain on your bank account.

The average price of a pack of cigarettes is $4.49. If you smoke just one pack a day, that would cost you $134.70 a month and $1616.40 for an entire year. If you smoke more then one pack a day, then obviously your costs will be higher.