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The U.S. Flag

From Armistice to Veterans

From Armistice to Veterans, as one veteran to all veterans, I salute you all! We should honor ourselves’ for keeping our flag free and secure, we are the courageous men and women who fought and died for the idealism of liberty and freedom for all.

I thank you veteran for not being selfish with your lives and believing in our nation’s freedom.


Basic History of the Pledge of Allegiance

The original Pledge of Allegiance was written by Francis Bellamy. It was first given wide publicity through the official program of the National Public Schools Celebration of Columbus Day which was printed in The Youth's Companion of September 8, 1892, and at the same time sent out in leaflet form to schools throughout the country. School children first recited the Pledge of Allegiance this way: 


The American Flag

The United States Civil Flag of Peacetime


We the People of the United States, actually have two national flags, a military flag and a civil flag for peacetime. They have several important distinctions and meanings.

Almost all Americans think of the Stars and Stripes "Old Glory" as their only flag.