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Circulating DNA Converts Genomes?

ISIS Report 2nd May 2002

Latest Exposé on the Fluid Genome*

Russian scientists suggest that circulating DNA from dead cells are taken in by living cells in order to replace mutated genes with good copies. What are the implications for the safety of transgenic DNA? Dr. Mae-Wan Horeports.

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Director of congressional probe into September 11 terror attacks resigns

By Patrick Martin

1 May 2002

The top staff official in the joint congressional investigation into the September 11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center has resigned, a development that will further delay the holding of public hearings into the worst-ever terrorist attack in the United States.


Bush Still Backward On Women’s Issues

by Joe Conason

This column ran on page 5 in the 5/6/2002 edition of The New York Observer

Among the most admirable aspects of George W. Bush’s public persona is his respect for the women who work for him. His ease with female leadership at the highest levels of his campaign and in the Oval Office suggests that he is in fact a man of his generation, however often he denigrates the liberal activism that revived the movement for sexual equality.


U.S. witches say Christians violated their rights

May 1, 2002

By Sarah Tippit

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Like any other church group they have their pot luck suppers, charity fundraisers and mid-week fellowship meetings.

The witches and warlocks of Lancaster, California also happen to practice an ancient, Earth-centered religion known as Paganism, which involves invoking spirits and spells, concocting herbal potions, praying to an array of gods and goddesses, and performing mock "animal sacrifice" rituals by melting chocolate bunnies in fondue pots and eating the gooey remains.


Hiding History

by Edward Hammond

May 1, 2002

Move over ENRON and Arthur Andersen, the US National Academies of Science is vying for the document disappearance award of the year... a very disturbing situation for the Sunshine Project, and one which we think other persons working in the field should know about. And, for those interested, please contact me as we would love to talk about ways to generate pressure for release.