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Superfast secret of northern lights revealed

Jonathan Leake

DIFFERENT CULTURES have attributed their spectacular light show to fire-breathing dragons, dancing gods and ghostly clans at war.

New research, however, has found that the northern lights, or aurora borealis, are powered by giant electrical tornadoes spinning at more than a million miles an hour and stretching thousands of miles into space.

Scientists used a set of five satellites designed to measure the Earth’s magnetic field to generate the first images of the whirling vortices.


Don't Panic: 7 FACTS About 'Swine Flu'

With all the sensationalized news about the so-called swine flu flying around, I figured we'd better set all the facts straight.

1. So far, only 82 cases of so-called swine flu have been definitively identified worldwide, mostly in Mexico (26 confirmed, 7 deaths) and the U.S.(with 40 confirmed, no deaths). (Though about 1600 suspected cases, including 159 deaths, are reported in Mexico.) That does not add up to a pandemic swine flu outbreak.

Swine Flu Frenzy Has Washington Fighting Over Pork

By Alex Kingsbury

Posted April 28, 2009

Don't expect even a brewing international flu crisis to silence partisan rancor inside the beltway. With hospitals in Mexico, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, and the United States confirming that patients have contracted swine flu, lawmakers in Washington continue to lob accusations across the aisle.


Swine flu cases increase, hurting markets, airlines

Tue Apr 28, 2009

By Catherine Bremer

MEXICO CITY, April 28 (Reuters) - A new swine flu virus that has killed 149 people in Mexico was found further around the world on Tuesday and the specter of a pandemic began to hit air travel.

The United States, Canada and the European Union advised people to avoid non-essential travel to Mexico, and companies adopted wider travel restrictions to countries where cases have been confirmed.


Studies Show We Need More Vegetables Now than Ever Before

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 by: Sheryl Walters, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) Vegetables have been the main stay of our diet for centuries. They have been the back bone of entire countries, offering not only sustenance to its citizens but also a way to make a living through farming and trade. But most important of all they are the main source of many vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining a long healthy and fulfilling life, and we need more now than ever before.


FDA allows off-label use of anti-flu meds

April 28, 2009 — 11:16am ET | By Tracy Staton

With swine flu leaping international boundaries at an accelerated pace, FDA authorized broader use of the antivirals Tamiflu (Roche) and Relenza (GlaxoSmithKline)--and allowed a broader cross-section of professionals and volunteers to distribute the meds. Now, some public health officials and volunteers can hand out the prescription drugs, rather than just doctors and P.A.'s. And the drugs can be used off-label; for instance, Tamiflu can be given to kids under 1 year, even though that's not an FDA-approved use.