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Raw Food Recipes

Eating raw doesn't mean eating just salads or "bunny food". There are many recipes for foods made with raw ingredients which are more hearty and filling, and can make your life as a raw fooder much more enjoyable. In fact, you can even make gourmet all raw foods as complex as lasagna - made with fermented nut cheese, mock pasta and sauce.

In this section we have tried to put together a collection of delicious raw recipes which can be made without too much fuss. We want to show people how delicious and filling raw foods can be. Most of these recipies can be made with only kitchen utensils and a high speed blender. Some recipes also use a food processor. (Invaluable for chopping nuts,making pate, as well as for shredding vegetables.) Before you buy the ingredients, check to be sure you have the utensils you will need.

Note: When preparing raw recipies keep in mind that the taste of fresh produce varies greatly. No two tomatoes taste exactly the same, and a tomato grown in winter in California may taste very different from a tomato grown during summer in Florida. Since raw recipies include many fresh ingredients, you should taste them as you go and adjust the recipe as needed according to the flavors of the produce you're using.

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