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by Randall Prue

ECHO Newsletter Update

Throughout the 1980s, Walter Grotz published the ECHO (ECH202) newsletter--the voice of hydrogen peroxide therapies for over a dozen years now. Were it not for Wally's interest in oxygen therapies, you might not be reading this article today (You and the site might have made it here, but I might not.).

If Wally had not met Father Richard Willhelm, who believes that oxygen is "God's own way to keep us germ free and bacteria free"...

If Ed McCabe hadn't investigated these and other promoters of oxygen therapies and published "O2xygen Therapies" (where you will find more detail on this background info)...

But here we all are...

For the past few years, the ECHO newsletter has been published by The Family News (now The Family Health News). As of April 1997, Brad Hunter will be taking over the publication of the newsletter.

The significance of this is that Mr. Hunter intends to expand the focus of the newsletter to include all oxidative therapies. ECHO has long been the "voice of peroxide"; it is about to become the voice of all oxidative therapy, including peroxide protocols. What does ECHO's new publisher know about gas? Well, in a telephone interview, he told me, "If you can fart, you can do ozone therapy". Sounds like he knows his stuff.

Actually, that's a joke he uses in his lectures--the man is also qualified to report in a more serious tone on ozone therapies. He is an industrial engineer, specializing in gas compression engineering (things like steam, industrial refrigerants, gas liquefaction in oil fields). He's a gas man. Ozone is a gas. His interest in ozone as applied to natural health began in 1990.

"Ozone Applications: An In-Depth Discussion" by Brad Hunter is available here (OXY00151).

Two of his popular lectures are: "Making Ozone Therapy Work For You" and "Ozone Therapies vs. The Coming Plagues".

The April 1997 ECHO will present its mission statement with details concerning its focus and purpose. You can sample the new ECHO by sending $4.00 US to:

P.O. BOX 329,

For $15.00 US, you can subscribe for 1 year (2 years/$25.00)


Ozone and the Politics of Medicine

A Canadian-made investigative documentary 7 years in the making. This isn't news--the film was released in 1993. It's more of a reminder. A lot of new faces show up here and in the oxytherapy mailing list. The "frequently asked questions" of those who know very little about oxygen and ozone therapies include many that are answered--or at least explored--in Ozone and the Politics of Medicine.

You'll find this statement in a brief introduction/overview of the film (OXY00019)...

"Several million people in Europe have already been treated using ozone therapy, while in the United States and Canada, the treatment remains illegal."

In the same file, you'll also find this...
OXY00019 also includes the following details on how to obtain a copy of the film...

To order copies:

"Ozone and the Politics of Medicine"
30 min Stereo VHS ($29 + %5 shipping) = $34
Threshold Film Inc.
#301-356 East 6th Avenue
Vancouver, Canada
V5T 1K1
(604) 873-4626

I spent more than $34.00 last night for a meal in a restaurant. Not to mention that 34 Canadian dollars is only about 25 "real" dollars (the US kind).

Three articles/clippings concerning "Ozone and the Politics of Medicine" are reprinted in OXY00020.

Several quotes from the film (OXY00021) include this one from Dr. Michael Carpendale...

"...we found that we could produce an enormous inactivation of the virus, reducing it from a million verions down to no viruses at all at say 4 micrograms of ozone and twice that dose had no adverse effect on the healthy white blood cell."

Is it just me or does information like this also raise questions in your mind--questions about how long it will take for thousands of known but well-concealed facts about natural healing to surface and see the light of day?

Some Odds & Ends

Diabetics learn to inject themselves with insulin. How many are taught about foods and minerals that contain inulin? Jerusalem artichoke tubers are the best-known source of naturally-occurring inulin, the inspiration for insulin. Known as JAs by its fans, Jerusalem Artichoke is an extremely hardy perennial sunflower indigenous to North-America. Isn't it funny that many have never hear about that?

I have a funny reaction when asked to donate time or money to medical research or illness-specific support groups. My reaction is that I have given much time to it already and continue to do so. The back of my mind is speaking to me while I see television pleas asking us to throw money at dis-eases for which the cures already exist, are known and are being hidden from "us, the people".

So, if a diabetic's intramuscular self-injection is sanctioned, and drug-users manage to inject their favourite euphorics without killing themselves (not immediately, at least, and not as a result of the injection itself), how big a leap is it for a person to withdraw their own blood into a syringe containing ozone and then reinject this solution?

Assuming that a person wishing to do this took the trouble to educate themselves concerning the procedure, the safety precautions and the quality and dosage of ozone, I fail to see how this is any more dangerous than many of the drugs and interventions performed on us by strangers. Who would you imagine to be more interested in your health and safety--yourself or a stranger?

Recently, I spoke to someone infected with Hepatitis C who is doing exactly what I have just described. He draws his blood, then ozonates it, in preference to injecting pure ozone directly because of what he calls "inevitable damage" caused by concentrated ozone to body tissue.

All reports that I have seen of medical professionals injecting ozone emphasize that a buffering agent is used in all ozone or peroxide injections to prevent this damage.

Autohemotherapy is only one of the oxygen/ozone therapies used successfully in countries that are not Canada or the United States of America.

Squeaky Clean

Natural health is of great interest to me. If allowed to, I would ramble on about healing herbs and energies, along with a few other topics. Colon cleansing seems to represent no digression. Everyone I've spoken to who has taken oxygen and ozone therapies seriously has reached a point where colon health becomes important. A clean colon improves access to the blood-stream for minerals, nutrients and oxygen.

Homozon and similar products (see below) have a colon-cleansing effect. For more thorough cleansing, other methods include home enemas, herbal cleanses, Colema boards for home colonics and professional colonic irrigation.

At several times in my life, I have enjoyed professionally administered colonic irrigation. Everything you've heard about feeling like a new person after colonic irrigation is true!

I have heard that it is important to use humidified ozone for rectal insufflation, but recently spoke to someone with a different approach that he claims works very well for him. Following a colonic with distilled water (which hydrates the colon), he insufflates dry ozone. His reasoning is that while the colon is hydrated from the colonic, no damage is caused by the dry ozone.

Be advised, however, that this person is an experienced professional using carefully measured doses of medical grade ozone. He claims that humidifying the ozone prior to use leaves some of the ozone, and therefore some of its effectiveness, in the water or oil through which it is hydrated.

Getting in touch with me

One of the most frequently asked questions, in response to previous O Zone articles and my testimonial is...

"What is magnesium oxide and where do I get it?"

Magnesium oxide bound to ozone is actually what I have referred to. That would be Homozon and other brands of similar products. The oxytherapy buyer's guide list contains several suppliers of Homozon. The complete assortment of Dr. Blass's products also includes Calozone, Magozone, Macalzone, and San-O-Zone, plus Pine San-O-Zone. Whether and where you can find all of them is a matter of hunting. A good place to start would be...

Dr. George Freibott
International Institute for Oxygen Therapies
PO Box 1360
Priest River, ID 83856

What induced me to track down and try Homozon was Ed McCabe's comments in "O2xygen Therapies" (the section is titled "Pills, Products, Proposals, & Paths")

On the topic of comments to me, many of them have been forwarded to me from the feedback area and some imply that this is my site. I write The O Zone articles, but the site is not "mine". Mail to me sent to is delayed and creates work for Amadis (Dave), who has never complained of not having enough to do.

I enjoy the feedback which you can send directly to

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