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O, Canada

Many people believe that Nostradamus named future events, although there is some debate as to the accuracy of his predictions. There is no controversy regarding the testimony of an 1870 health visionary who described the Mad Cow Disease and Sars virus that currently terrorize the nation of Canada. Ellen Gould White wrote: 

"Animals from which milk is obtained are not always healthy. They may be diseased. A cow may be apparently well in the morning and die before night. Then she was diseased in the morning, and her milk was diseased, but you did not know it. The animal creation is diseased. Flesh meats are diseased." 

One Canadian animal could not get to her feet. The farmer, fearing the worst, sent her to a slaughterhouse. Because she could not enter the slaughterhouse gates on her own power, her flesh was used to produce dog food, rather than people food. Had she walked up that ramp to death the previous day, she would have most certainly been exported to the United States, where 900,000 other Canadian cows have been shipped during the first five months of 2003. 

"O, Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command." 
(Canadian National Anthem) 

What would you do if you were Lyle Vanclief? Would you be commanded by true patriotic love for your nation or would truth rule your day? 

Lyle Vanclief is Canada's Agricultural Minister, and on Friday, June 6, 2003, he will have the power to plunge all of Canada into an emotional and financial depression. 

Imagine this. If even one more cow tests positive for Mad Cow Disease, Canada will panic, their beef industry will be destroyed, every nation would place an embargo on their beef, thousands of people would lose their jobs...all because of Lyle's truthful announcement. 

Given the option, would you fudge the results or hammer the final nail into Canada's coffin while the corpse still breathes? 

Will Lyle take the easy way out and sweep negative test results under an Ottowa rug or will he be truthful and be cursed by his countrymen? 

We've already had a tiny hint of things to come. In an appearance before the Canadian Parliament on Tuesday, June 
3, 2003, Lyle admitted that a further set of tests will be necessary on the lone infected cow because of "inconclusive DNA testing." That's doubletalk for "something is very wrong, we've seen some results that we cannot release because the news is not pleasant." 

If there are more mad cows in Canada, the nation will no longer be glorious. Will Lyle stand on guard for Canada by taking its most horrible secret to his grave? 

Lyle Vanclief was born and raised on a cattle farm in Ontario, the same farm at which he still resides. He no longer owns the farm, having sold it to his 19-year-old son, Kurt, a few years back, but his family still raises cattle. Where, I wonder, does a 19-year-old Canadian boy who is not named Wayne Gretzsky get the money to buy a 1,600 acre livestock operation? In any event, come just one more case of Mad Cow Disease, the borders between Canada and the United States will be closed to beef traffic for a very long time. That may be the end of the Vanclief family farm, and thousands of other Canadian farms. 

So, what will be the right thing for Lyle to do? Preserve the mother-land? Will he announce another case of Mad Cow Disease if the results confirm Canada's worst nightmare? Will you know the absolute truth as you bite into your next burger? 

"O Canada, glorious and free! We stand on guard, we stand on guard for thee." 
(Canadian National Anthem) 

Robert Cohen

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