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Iridology; Assessment Through The Eyes

by David M. Homer

Iridology is a scientific study stemming back hundreds of years. However, scientific documented only came into being in the mid to late 1800's which was brought to the forefront by a Hungarian physician by the name of Ignatz Von Preczely.

Iridology, also referred to as iridiagnosis, is described as the science of revealing pathologic and functional disorders in the human body by means of abnormal lines, spots and discoloration on the iris of the eye. The iris (the colored area) is very complex, being composed of thousands of nerve endings that are connected by neurological impulses to every tissue of the body through the brain and nervous system.

The nerve fibers, or trabecula, respond specifically to tissue and organ conditions with a corresponding physiological reflex manifested in the iris as lesions (pigment changes) and color variations. The pigment changes on the surface occur because of the capillary circulation bringing pigment to these areas. Inflammatory areas can manifest as white signs. Dark markings are caused by loss of substance or deterioration of tissue created by atrophy and disruption of nerve and muscle fibers on the surface of the iris, or depressions and holes (lucana) in deeper tissue.

Iridology is an effective health assessment tool in preventive health care and cannot be used to diagnose a specific disease condition. It however can provide information about the body tissues, which may indicate tendencies toward disease conditions, often before symptoms appear. Iridology cannot reveal microbial activity like parasites and other germs, but can indicate the presence of inflammation and toxic conditions that provide an environment for their development.

How can it help me?

Good Constitution




Poor Constitution



Overacid Stomach




Underacid Stomach

Like the Live Cell Analysis, iridology has the ability to forewarn of potential ill health conditions. Additionally, it can help:



• Reveal how well biological systems are running.
• Low tissue integrity due to toxic conditions, lack of nutrition and exercise.
• Help us understand our areas of weaknesses so we can effectively cleanse and strengthen our bodies.
• Help open our awareness of how and where to prevent illness.

Iridology is used in conjunction with the Live Cell Analysis and the Body Composition Analysis to give a comprehensive evaluation of one's health. Contact your local Naturopath for a comprehensive step-by-step, health-building, lifestyle program constructed according to the needs of the individual.

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