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Hypoglycemia. [Low Blood Sugar]

By Rosemary Skinner SRN

We need sugar to supply energy to our bodies. However, in this age of instant everything, we seem increasingly to go for the quick fixes of refined sugars like sweets, biscuits and chocolate instead of eating sugar in its natural form, which is in fruit and sugar cane. These refined sugars have been over-processed and are too readily absorbed by the body. This causes a rush of sugar into the blood stream. An excess of sugar in the blood stream is dangerous. The pancreas is forced to produce insulin to remove the excess and, in so doing, the pancreas is overworked. In addition, our bodies are deprived of vital nutrients. This can cause cravings, mood swings and leave us physically, mentally and emotionally drained. The liver can become toxic, affecting blood sugar levels.

If we eat sugars in the form of complex carbohydrate food i.e. rice, wheat, root vegetables and fruit, then the foods are slowly broken down in the body into glucose which is steadily released into the blood stream giving us sustained energy.

If the intake of glucose exceeds the requirements of the body, the excess is then converted into glycogen and stored by the liver until needed.

Toxicity of the liver can be treated by the application of the North Pole of the D-Max Neodymium Magnet to the liver area twice daily. Starting with ten minutes, working up to thirty minutes. In addition, using Magnetic Insoles is very effective.

Also drink 4 fl ozs of North Pole magnetised water three times daily before meals. Additional treatments can be found in my book,  "Magnet Therapy-A powerful Healing Force".

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