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Healthy Cancer Drink Recipe


• 1 tsp. Nature's Sunshine (NSP) Vitamin C Ascorbate (alkaline form of vit. C)

• 1 tbsp. Barlean^s High Lignan Flax Oil (essential fatty acids)

• 1 Scoop Coral Calcium (alkaline minerals from the ocean)

• 1 tsp. Organic Non-irradiated Turmeric (curcumin strong anti-inflammatory)

• 1 tbsp. Great Lakes Pure Gelatin Powder (promotes anti-angiogenesis)

• 1 Handful of Organic Fresh or Frozen Berries (Ellagic Acid, not strawberries)

• 4 Capsules L-lysine (500 mg. each capsule collagenase inhibitor)

• 1 Capsules Vitamin D (5,000 mg. enhance mineral absorption)

• 1 Capsule CoQlO (100 mg. or more to enhance oxygen uptake in mitochondria)

• 3 Capsules Green Tea Extract (= 10 cups tea high in polyphenols and catechins)

Mix any of the ingredients with 8 to 10 ounces of organic juice and blend.

Dark grape juice, blueberry juice or red raspberry juice is best.


Drink from 1 to 3 times per day.

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