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At H2O2me with peroxide

by Randall Prue

Looking around my home, I've discovered that there is no chlorine and no more drug store medicated ointment. In their place, I find various oxygen and ozone products -- in the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry and in the cleaning department. Most of this change has taken place in the past year. The more I experiment with and experience the use of oxygen-based products around my home, the more I am puzzled at our continued use of less effective and considerably more harmful alternatives to nature's great cleaners -- oxygen and ozone. They are fundamentally the same; ozone is composed entirely of oxygen.

Reading OXY00348 several months ago, along with some of the information from the ECH2O2 newsletter, changed my laundry habits. Besides peroxide bleach (instead of chlorine bleach), I now use borax and much less laundry soap.

Why borax? When I read about Robert Stroud (the bird man of Alcatraz) and his healing work with birds, I encountered a statement he made to the effect that in 50 years (which is right about now), peroxide and sodium perborate would come into their own. I looked up sodium perborate and it is borax Sodium is salt, so borax is a naturally occuring salt (it is mined from Death Valley). Salts are used in water softeners. In the borax "salt" molecule, there are seven parts of oxygen. So I began to wonder if borax might release some of its oxygen. Whether it does or not has been debated, but I use borax now to soften all wash and bath water. Using very hot water, I add a half-cup or more to my well water for laundry. For an extra long cycle, I restart the wash cycle just before the rinse cycle starts.

Trust your instincts
Try this. Fill a glass of 4% sodium hypochlorite (chlorine laundry bleach); fill a second glass with 4% hydrogen peroxide. Look at each. Smell them. Which would you rather have in your home, your laundry, your body? One is the source of chlorine gas -- still remembered and loathed by war veterans and the other is oxygen-rich water -- the same type of water that is found at healing springs around the globe.

One of my dogs recently began sporting two new decorations -- two holes, each the size of a .22 caliber bullet. To keep these from infecting while they closed up, I used peroxide several times a day. Someone recommended a medicated ointment which would stay on longer. I figured the best medicated ointment I had in the house was the ozonated olive oil from Ozone Services (also available from Family Health News). Although he licked off both the peroxide and the O3 oil, the holes closed up and healed without infection in less than a month.

In probably most homes, what is the first thing we do to a cut, wound or minor infection? We grab the bottle of peroxide to disinfect; we see the bubbling action of oxygen killing the infectious agents. Reaching for the bottle of peroxide is as much a habit as reaching for the chlorine bleach -- both in the laundry room and in the grocery store. According to OXY00348, it is unthinkable to the British to use chlorine in laundry. Many of us are creatures of habit. Old habits do die hard and it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks -- but it can be done.

The Nose Knows
The reason I suggested smelling chlorine and peroxide is that the odour of a thing is its essence -- the most volatile and reactive aspect of it. Smell is closely related to intuition and, in 45 years on this planet, my intuitive choices have always been the right ones. Intuition is what we call common sense, the policeman's hunch, the curbside reaction in real estate (you know this is where you want to live before entering the house). It seems to me that oxygen and ozone are intensely related to intuition. I have come to believe this as a result of certain experiences that I have described briefly in what I have written here about oxygen and ozone.

In addition to the physical and environmental benefits of O2 and O3 in our lives, my ventures into studying maximum tolerable doses triggered events which I was not expecting. It has to do with habits and changing them. If you never heard of O2 protocols, you would never try one and if you never try one, you will never know what can be the results -- even if you read all 357 of the files here.

In the June "O Zone" (Oxy Morons), I mentioned that drinking lots of water was an oxygen therapy. Water is oxygen made more solid, or liquid, by the solidifying effect of hydrogen. Peroxide is water with lots of oxygen. We, like all matter, are only apparently solid, as all matter is largely energy plus a bit of matter moving very quickly. Water is a way of enhancing the liquid, fluid spirit nature of your being -- drinking or bathing. This is not theory; it is something that you can experience yourself, simply by drinking lots of good clean water and spending time in it -- whether that be a bathtub, a waterfall, a lake or an ozonated (not chlorinated) swimming pool. See OXY00112, ... 114, ... 120, ... 151, ... 169 and 318 for information on various aspects of ozone's use in water treatment.

Speaking of habits, recent conversations on the Oxytherapy mailing list have dealt with addiction (a habit with a serious attitude). The one that I would be better off without is smoking cigarettes. After about 25 days of peroxide in water and Bioxy Cleanse (a product very similar to Homozon), my sinuses drained and I began to smell and breathe much better. I also became acutely aware of what clean is. I understood -- intuitively -- that oxygen and ozone are indeed nature's cleaners, as my own body was being cleaned. I began to smell to myself like a dirty ashtray and understood why I was once told by a non-smoker that kissing me was like licking a dirty ashtray. The smell was disgusting. I became a non-smoker living in a smoker's body.

It was suggested on the mailing list that perhaps oxygen free radicals are able to break down and dispose of whatever it is that is responsible for the cravings in cases of addiction. This sounds like a reasonable possible explanation and one which would strongly indicate further experimentation in this area -- using an oxygen management protocol to aid in overcoming addictions.

The OxyBuild literature talks about a stop smoking program, about which I know nothing.

Get Intuit
I've been wondering if the expression to "be at home" with something -- source of this month's title, is understood globally -- given the global nature of the visitors here. I grew up with it and take it for granted. It means to be comfortable with something. I'm very comfortable with oxygen around my home. I'm really intuit. When I say that it is related to intuition, it is a subtle understanding that is best understood individually. Imagine being in the presence of the intelligence -- the being -- that is oxygen. You are aware of its presence as a powerful being, without whom there would be no life as we know it. It is the essence of clean. It is life and it is cleanliness. This experience can be had via a simple and inexpensive oxygen management protocol. Walking in fresh country air and relaxing is as much an oxygen therapy as drinking drops of peroxide added to distilled water. So, oxygen therapy qualifies as a meditation aid, just like certain music, crystals and electromagnetic devices which assist in transporting you to the source of life.

The best way to share this with you is to encourage you to get intuit yourself.

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