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First Message to Plaintiffs

June 23, 2004

Editor’s note: The following message was e-mailed today to all the people who have indicated an interest in becoming a member of the plaintiff class in the Right to Petition Lawsuit.  

You are one of the thousands of people who have signed up to begin the process of becoming a plaintiff in the Right to Petition class action lawsuit against the federal government seeking a declaration of your unalienable Right to enforce your fundamental Rights by withholding tax money from the government, and to do so without retaliation – in ANY form, until your grievances are redressed, whenever the government refuses to respond to a proper Petition for Redress of Grievances.  

The purpose of this message is to urge you, in the strongest possible terms, to come to Washington DC on July 19, 2004, to stand with the other class-action plaintiffs in a show of solidarity, as we take our Petition process forward in two important ways.  

First, at an event at the National Press Club we will await the appearance of agents of President Bush and Senator Kerry, who, along with Treasury Secretary Snow, Attorney General Ashcroft and IRS Commissioner Everson, have respectfully been requested to send representatives to answer certain questions from our Petition for Redress regarding the income tax. We will have on hand constitutional scholars, individuals who have been at the forefront of our Petition process and the lead counsel for the Right to Petition lawsuit, attorney Mark Lane.  

Following the event at the NPC, we will march to the District Court where we will file a motion against the United States, IRS and the DOJ, to enjoin and prohibit them from taking any further enforcement or tax collection actions against you and every other American who has decided NOT to turn over any of their salaries and wages to the government, pending the government’s response to the Petition for Redress by answering its questions challenging the application of a direct, un-apportioned tax on the labor of the working men and women of America as measured by their salaries, wages and compensation.  

Remember, the court may react differently if it knows there is significant interest in the case with the nation and the media watching its every move.  

Register Now 

Yes, we are asking you to put your name on a list, to let us and everyone else know you will be attending the July 19 event in defense of the Constitution. Don’t be bashful. It’s time for your courage to overcome any fear. It’s time to stand and be counted.  

Click here to let us know you will be there. Let everyone know your name and what city and state you are from and that you plan to be in DC on the 19th, standing in defense of the Constitution. We will regularly post updated lists showing those who have declared themselves. 

There Is An Urgency To This Appeal  

Make your plans now to be in DC on July 19th. It is critical for you to be there. Please, no excuses. This is the moment we have been waiting for. By standing together will we be able to accomplish that which is too difficult to accomplish alone.

July 19th marks the People’s “full-court press” to publicly exercise, and enforce, the last ten words of the First Amendment – the “capstone” Right of Petition that is the essential  basis for the  enjoyment of Sovereignty over the servant government.  This will be an event that history will long record.  

Make no mistake, the matter is of grave importance to all Americans concerned about where America is headed, no matter their grievance of choice, whether it be the government’s violation of the Second Amendment, the War Powers Clauses, Privacy Rights, Property Rights, Separation of Powers, Voter Rights, Juror Rights, Due Process Rights, or the prohibition against taxing a person’s labor. 

Remember, it is well settled in American jurisprudence, any Right that is not enforceable is not a Right. The Petition for Redress is the ONLY non-violent way the individual and the minority can hold government accountable to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Retaining our tax money is part of the Petition process. 

This is a first impression case. The courts have never been asked to interpret the meaning of the Petition Clause. This case – our class action -- will determine if America is a republic with a government limited by a written constitution or a democracy where “rights” exist at the whim of the majority via the ballot. 

It is absolutely necessary for you to be in DC on the 19th of July.  

The IRS is out to shut down the tax honesty movement. Force is their operative word.

They are on the warpath. They have hired more enforcement staff. Last September they entered into compacts with all but a handful of states to share their “enforcement” resources. The states, who license every profession from hairdressers to doctors, are cross-referencing those data bases along with commercial databases and other IRS databases in an effort to hunt down non-filers or those that have dared to “evade” a tax not owed.  

As daunting as these unwarranted enforcement actions are, it must be remembered the People possess the ultimate power – Rights endowed by the Creator and guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. To prevail we must place our trust in Providence and utilize the “rulebook” that both limits our servant Government and guarantees us the exercise and enjoyment of our Righteous sovereign powers. 

Every State Should Be Represented on July 19th
Register Now; Let Others Know You Are Going To Be There 

Just as it was crucial to have gathered People from every one of the 13 colonies to courageously participate in support of the events surrounding July 4, 1776, it is vital to have People from all 50 states courageously participate in support of the events scheduled for July 19.  

We call upon all Americans, not just those who have already signed up to be plaintiffs, including laborers to attention-getting celebrities and other accomplished and privileged Americans to join with us at the National Press Club at 9 AM, and to march with us to the federal courthouse with signs and chants of: “No Answers, No Taxes,” “No Labor Tax,”  “No Slave Tax,” “Obey The Constitution,” and so on, all in defense of the “capstone” Right – the Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances.  

Brief Background 

A relatively small band of Americans has been attempting to hold the government accountable to the taxing and war powers clauses of the Constitution by exercising “forgotten” Rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment’s Petition Clause – the Right to Petition the government for a Redress of Grievances, including the Right to enforce our Rights by retaining our money if the government does not respond to our Petition for Redress, without fear of retaliation. 

Since 1999, the We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education, Inc., has been spearheading a 1st Amendment process of Petitioning the government for a Redress of Grievances relating to the fraudulent origin and illegal operation of the federal income tax system. We have tens of thousands of Americans participating in the process. All of our efforts have been respectful, intelligent and rational. We have submitted solid evidence to the leaders of the political branches, and to every congressman, that the government lacks the constitutional and statutory authority to force employers to withhold money from paychecks and turn that money over to the IRS, and no authority to force Americans to file a tax return and pay the tax.

The only remedy we have been seeking has been the answers to certain questions. Our interest is to get to the Truth of the matter. We are not anti-tax or anti-American. We are pro-Constitution and the Rule of Law. The constitution does not defend itself. That responsibility falls on the People.  

We have provided many opportunities for the government to respond to our questions. Thus far, the government has been stonewalling and refusing to respond, except to tell the New York Times that the government is responding to our Petition for Redress “through enforcement actions.”  

On January 20, 2004, our attorney, Mark Lane, formally notified the government of the pending lawsuit, giving the government six months to settle the case by responding to our Petitions for Redress of Grievances – that is, by answering our questions regarding the constitutionality of the operation and enforcement of the income tax system.  

There has been no response. 

On May 10, 2004, we sent letters to President Bush, Senator Kerry, Treasury Secretary Snow, Attorney General Ashcroft and IRS Commissioner Everson. We attached the latest and most damning evidence in support of our position that the government has no authority to force companies to withhold money from the paychecks of their workers and to turn that money over to the IRS, and that the government has no authority to force workers to file a tax return and to pay a tax on their labor measured by their salaries, wages and compensation.

We respectfully requested that they send a representative to meet with us on July 19, 2004 at the National Press Club in Washington DC, to address the evidence and answer certain questions. Respectfully, we advised the officials that if our request again falls on deaf ears, we will march straight to the federal District Court, where we will file a motion to enjoin the IRS and the DOJ from taking any further enforcement actions until the court declares our Rights under the Petition clause of the 1st Amendment, including our Right to enforce our fundamental Rights by retaining our money until our grievances are redressed. 

Your Constitution, Republic and freedoms are in peril.  

Please join us in D.C. and stand shoulder-to-shoulder to reclaim our nation and our Liberty.  

I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.   


Bob Schulz
We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc.
2458 Ridge Road
Queensbury, NY 12804

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