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Drug Industry's Terrorism

From F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
April 8, 2002

The Drug Industry’s Terrorism is Infinitely More Deadly than Bin Laden’s

Dear Friend: 

As you know, I have been crusading for the past number of years against the use of medications in the treatment of health problems that are no more than dehydration-produced. I have hit my head against the wall with the medical establishment and the media. The reason is obvious, money. One of the front-page articles of The Washington Post of March 29, 2002, “Blockbuster Drugs Drive 17% Increase” highlights the reason why there is this increase in spending. In short, “greater number of doctors are writing more prescriptions for the most expensive, heavily marketed drugs.” The main reason given in the article was the vast sums of money lavished on doctors and for promotion of these chemicals through the media. The cost of these particular drugs prescribed for the year 2001 was $175 billions—not over the counter drugs, but very expensive brand name prescription drugs.

The sample letter that follows on the next page was sent to hundreds of top media producers and directors. As I stated in this letter, the act of treating people with dangerous medications is a form of terrorism, when all that the body of these people needs is simply more water. The drugs routinely prescribed are officially and scientifically recognized to make millions sicker and kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. Yet they continue to use them, thinking their long list of warnings can absolve them of the responsibility of poisoning people to early death. They know when a doctor prescribes a medication; the patient has no choice but to take it. This is when catastrophe strikes millions of people.

I hope you will read the letter. Should you then choose to join my crusade for warning people about what is going on in medicine, please download this information and e-mail it to your relatives, friends and your doctor, to your favorite people in the media, and your congressman. Invite them to also share this letter with their friends and colleagues. We need to do all in our power to fight the drug industry’s brand of terrorism against innocent and trusting people in America. Let us use the Internet for the good of all people.

The WebPages, explain the false premises and wrong suppositions that are background to the pharmaceutical fraud. To demonstrate the scientific foundation of my views, I have also posted most of the published articles on the topic of dehydration-diseases (including the abstract which was sent with the letter) on the pages These articles are now available for review by anyone with scientific interest – anywhere in the world.

Thank you for joining me in my stand for the emergence of sincerity, empathy, truth and fairness in medicine. Let us together empower America, and the world, to better health through honesty in medicine.

Your friend,

F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.


Ms Barbara Walters
20/20 - ABC
147 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY  10023-2020                                      
11 January 2002 

Dear Mrs. Walters:


America Needs to Awaken to Terrorism Infinitely More Deadly than Bin Laden’s

2002 is the year America will further expose and deal with terrorism. Americans have become aware of what havoc malice can mete against innocent people. And they are not going to stand for it any longer – at any cost! 

Yet during 2002 more people will die from poor medical treatment than will die in terrorist attacks.  The year 2001 was no different; even though thousands of innocent people died on September 11th, many hundreds of thousands died from wrong-headed medical treatment in that year. Why? Why do so many people suffer and die needlessly? Why don’t we see this story analyzed and reported in the media?

Because we have accepted pain and suffering of people as a norm in our society! We think pain and disease are integral parts of living, which is a moneymaking false premise no one wants to correct. Because we have all this time confused various symptoms of thirst with this or that disease. Because we have ignored our bodies absolute need for water. Instead we drink junk. Caffeinated, carbonated, alcoholic and dietary beverages have replaced water for too many of us too much of the time. And our bodies suffer the consequences, manifesting their life-threatening thirst in many bizarre ways.

“He is arguing for a new scientific approach
that turns clinical medicine on its head.”
       The Daily Telegraph, London, England

Attached to this letter – Abstract.pdf  – is the abstract of a new scientific revelation that has been maliciously withheld from the American people. Within the discipline of physiology, neurotransmitter histamine is recognized for its primary role as a water regulator and drought management controller. Its natural function is to coordinate physiological functions, including increased water intake until the body is fully hydrated. Naturally, the more dehydrated the body, the more engaged the histamine-regulated systems become. The process involves certain clinical manifestations that denote thirst, but have received disease labels. We might become short of breath, our joints may ache, or our blood pressure might climb – and much more. provides more of the published science behind this information.

The drug industry has taken advantage of this medical blind spot and has hijacked medical education and the research priorities of the Nation. It has brainwashed the medical community into treating people’s different natural crisis calls for water with medications. It has used the power of fear-driven advertising in mainstream media to generate demand and sales of individual drugs to the public. Now all physiological manifestations, or adaptive processes of the body, when it is suffering “deep dehydration,” are treated with this, that, or even a cocktail of chemicals.

Thus, by the year 2001 American people have become slave workers and pay with their lives and savings to perpetuate this constantly expanding drug industry scam. What the drug industry is doing constitutes a despicable form of terrorism against the American people. And it has to stop! The revolving doors between the FDA, the NIH and the drug industry must also be replaced with concrete separations.

It is hoped that 2002 will be the year Americans will realize terrorism does not solely apply to hijacking airplanes, or contaminating the postal system with anthrax spores. It is hoped they will begin to appreciate that sophisticated scams against the American public, that would be detrimental to the well being of the masses, are yet other types of terrorism. If you wish to see an example of how the drug industry has hijacked medicine and operates a scam, using false information to cause terror, take a look at You will see how arrogantly “bad cholesterol” has become a money-making slogan for the drug industry.

The book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, provides detailed information on the topic. Although my books, other educational materials, the website, as well as my informative email campaign that is going to millions of opt-in addresses are making people aware of what is going on, what I do is not enough. I invite you to take this information seriously too – at least, you need it for your own safety – and look into its wider ramifications on behalf of the American people. American people are decent and honorable; they deserve sincerity and empathy from media managers whose survival depend on people’s trust.

Naturally, there is no money in promoting hydration of the body as a solution to the health problems of our society, but its outcome will be a source of pride and pleasure for whoever gets involved in exposing the drug industry’s malicious scam. Please bear in mind. This scam will stop sooner than you think. Why not help the cause now? It would be a noble act.



F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

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