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Colorado WTP Constitutional Conference Concludes

Investigative Journalist & Author Pat Shannan's New Book: "Maybe The People Have The Answers!"

Last weekend the Colorado contingent of WTP hosted the first state conference on the Constitution. The three-day gathering in Colorado Springs was attended by 100 supporters and featured addresses by WTP Chairman Bob Schulz, former IRS agents John Turner and Joe Banister, and a number of local Colorado freedom defenders such as Denver business owner and gun-rights advocate Rick Stanley who is being prosecuted in direct retaliation for his aggressive Constitutional activism and paralegal Linda Sanders who has witnessed firsthand the corruption in the courts of Colorado.

An award was also made to a local Colorado Springs high school student who has been repeatedly ridiculed by his school for his "unorthodox" beliefs regarding defense of the Constitution and the founding principles.

The featured banquet speaker was Lance Haverkamp representing NORFED, who delivered a lucid explanation of our flawed monetary and banking systems. Haverkamp explained how alternative currencies such as the precious metals backed NORFED dollars are a legal alternative to Federal Reserve notes and may be a solution to the problems posed by the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System.

In his speech Bob Schulz expanded on previous Foundation communications regarding the upcoming WTP July events in Washington, DC (on July 19th & 20th) and urged everyone to commit to be in DC to help execute the next steps in WTP's Petitioning process.

On the 19th, WTP will host a public conference at the National Press Club where government officials have been invited to publicly respond to a limited number of WTP questions regarding new legal research on the income tax fraud. On the 20th, WTP will, if necessary, file several key motions in the Right to Petition class-action lawsuit and hold a public demonstration and media event at the federal courthouse. More details soon.

Our thanks again to the Colorado WTP Congress team and posse of Colorado volunteers. Their planning, efforts and personal commitment resulted in a valuable, successful event.

WTP supporters and court-watchers are urged to support activist Rick Stanley as he goes on trial in Colorado in June for "attempting to influence a public servant" as part of his stand to defend the 2nd Amendment. Stanley has scheduled several days of public events leading up to the start of the trial. Please see his website for more details.



New Pat Shannan Book:
"Maybe The People Have The Answers!"

Pat Shannan, author, investigative journalist and producer of a number of controversial books and videos has released his latest book "Maybe the People Have The Answers." He is making it available at a deeply discounted, pre-publication price for WTP supporters. The discount offer is only good through July 1st when the book becomes commercially available.


Shannan's book is a startling amalgam of hidden truths, suppressed evidence and little-known history lessons that provide a unique perspective on the "contagions" that currently plague our Republic. Shannan's work builds upon crimes against our Constitution from our long-forgotten past, and constructs a disturbing framework for interpreting how this disdain for the gifts of our Founders has resulted in the threats that face the Republic today and may, if we fail to act, soon cost us freedom itself.

Even for astute students of freedom topics and Internet/alternative news and research, Shannan's book weaves a significant "mosiac of truth" binding together a number of new research findings and diverse commentaries to create a disturbing whole that is certainly, more than its unsettling parts.

An outline of the book is below. One of the book's chapters deals extensively with the Dick Simkanin criminal tax trial. Please note that the Foundation receives no benefit from sales of the book and has no commercial or legal relationship with the author.

Go to to order your copy for the deeply-discounted pre-publication
price of $10 (plus $2 for s&h).

To order by mail send $12 cash/check/MO to:

Oceana Management Co. #163 (attn: People/Answers)
6069 Old Canton Road
Jackson, Mississippi 39211

To order using credit card please call (toll-free) 877-407-3366

:For more of Shannan's works please visit his website:Pat Shannan Investigative Reports

Book Overview:

Chapter One - Why there is no difference in the "Republicrats" and "Demopubs" this election year and why Americans should be VERY wary of the "paperless" computer voting systems.

Chapter Two - Explores the deception of Abraham Lincoln upon the People and
the deception of his history later, the "Assumption of Law" and the "corporate" United States, and the fate of a Seattle federal officer who attempted to correct the matter lawfully. How the banks are "cooking the books" and the "Twin Sisters of Deception." The letter from a D. C. lawyer attempting to bribe (on behalf of a popular Republican senator) tax law researcher Bill Benson with "millions of dollars" in exchange for destroying his 17,000 documents proving the 16th Amendment fraud.

Chapter Three - More extras. How the published American war death reports from Iraq are only about half of the actual amount; the phony war evidence; the murder of Vince Foster, etc.

Chapter Four - The 16th Amendment Fraud; Ohio Senator S. D. Fess and the suppressed Senate Document 240 - actual reprints; (Fess was a Mason. Did this influence his behavior?)
The outrageous judicial lynching of Arrow Plastics CEO Dick Simkanin and excerpts from his trial transcript. Most important of all: the "Unknown Remedy" straight out of the 7th Amendment, a simple tool that Simkanin could use tomorrow (without a lawyer), and already proven to be effective by no less a freedom fighter than Red Beckman.

Chapter Five - More historical deception by the school books; the real reason for the 14th Amendment; legal tender and Lawful Money; United States Citizens vs. American citizens; Who is really required to submit?

Chapter Six - The Seventeenth Amendment catastrophe; the effects of it on your life everyday and how it affected the impeachment of a president.

Chapter Seven - The cover-up of the 9/11 treason is far bigger than the antics of Nixon's Watergate or LBJ's Warren Commission. Bush knew and Cheney instigated. Now it is evident: government can fool the people whenever it wants! Some crimes are just too big for anyone to ever admit! Pentagon insider says that there were no hijackers! Planes were remote controlled! Passing the (already written) Patriot Act was the motivation. Evidence withheld. "War on Terror" a fraud. Bush fiddles while his "Rome" burns. A "false flag" operation; Remember "Northwoods"; Problems with the official story; Penetrating questions Bush will never be asked; the fateful saga of John O'Neill; Shoot-down in Pennsylvania; Pull-down of Building Seven at WTC; Suspicious happenings at WTC on previous weekend; FEMA's faux pas; Bush without cue cards shoots himself in the foot;

200 pages, Retail Price: $20 after July 1st, 2004
Pre-publication price cannot be extended beyond July 1st, 2004.
Case pricing will be issued and apply after July 1st.
Pre-publication orders will be shipped first - weeks before the book is commercially available...

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