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Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system, responsible for distributing the ambient fluid, circulates and delivers essential substances to the cells. It also aids in the removal of unwanted metabolic by-products by transporting them for excretion. Consisting of the heart to pump, and the miles of vessels for the delivery, most herbs in this category act as tonics to the pump itself, making the blood easier to flow (by decreasing resistance) or affect the vessels by strengthening, dilating, contracting or decreasing free radical damage The latter effect lends the herbs to other therapeutic applications.

The following list of herbs for the cardiovascular system is not meant to replace proper medical care or diagnosis, nor is the list totally complete. It is intended that the reader use it as a guide then inquire by a capacity they choose to decide which is best for them.

Blood Pressurex™ [Circulatory].

High blood pressure can progress to heart- and blood vessel diseases, stroke, kidney disease and other complications. Blood Pressurex is an excellent blend of essential and natural ingredients that can help your body maintain proper blood pressure levels.The main ingredients of this formula are the powerful herbs Coleus forskohlii, olive leaf extract, hawthorn extract and golden rod; the amino acid arginine; and the potent antioxidants vitamin E and grape seed extract. These combine to provide a bevy of benefits, including inhibiting cell damage (potent antioxidant properties), supporting and strengthening blood vessels, relaxing blood vessels to encourage optimal blood flow, promoting blood flow in the peripheral arteries and helping to maintain normal blood viscosity.

Many supplements for hypertension target only one or two underlying causes. Blood Pressurex targets many underlying causes to provide maximum support and efficient control. This is important because the underlying causes must be properly addressed.Note: Consult your health care provider before using this product if you are currently taking prescription medication(s) for high blood pressure or if your blood pressure is above normal (diastolic reading above 90). Do not discontinue use of your prescription medication(s) without your doctor’s approval. Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily. Stock No. 554-8 (60)

BP-X® [Circulatory]

Combines herbs traditionally used to nutritionally support the quality of the blood and the functions of the kidneys. This combination contains iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, silicon, sodium and zinc. It contains: Burdock root, Pau d’arco bark, Red clover tops, Sarsaparilla root, Yellow dock root, Dandelion root, Buckthorn bark, Cascara sagrada bark, Peach bark, Yarrow flowers, Oregon grape root, Prickly ash bark. Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily; for ATC™ concentrated, take one capsule with a meal twice daily.Stock No. 803-2 (100)Stock No. 804-8 (50) ATC Concentrated

Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley [Digestive, Circulatory]

Nutritionally supports the digestive, immune and circulatory systems. With its three herbal components, this combination offers botanical sources of phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. Phosphorus is an essential component of bone. Potassium plays many important roles in the body, including the transmission of nerve impulses and the maintenance of normal blood pressure. Sodium is important in the regulation of body fluids, and zinc plays several essential roles in the body, including the regulation of normal growth and reproduction.

Capsicum has been used as a circulatory stimulant, stimulating blood flow to the heart and is a topical vasodialator. Garlic has volatile oils which are mainly sulphur-containing compounds. Long term ingestion of garlic (at least 6 months) has significant lowering effects on serum lipids and cholesterol. This effect was found in both healthy individuals and patients with coronary heart disease. No toxicity has been noted although stomach irritation can occur when too much is eaten. Garlic has been in the spotlight recently for its many nutritional benefits, and parsley is added to the formula for its chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll acts as a deodorizer. Take 2 capsules four times daily with food.Stock No. 832-3 (100)

Cardio Assurance™ [Circulatory]

This is a blend of heart-benefiting ingredients designed to protect your heart from disease and damage and prevent the death of heart cells. This product combines hawthorn berries extract, red clover extract, ginkgo biloba, capsicum, folic acid, Vitamins B6 and B12 and choline bitartrate. These ingredients support heart function and strength, promote healthy cholesterol levels and may help prevent future damage to the heart.

Cardio Assurance promotes a regular heartbeat and proffers potent antioxidant effects. Isoflavonoids in Cardio Assurance may help improve artery elasticity, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Take 1 capsule with a meal three times a day.Stock No. 801-5 (60)

Cholester-Reg™ (formerly Hongqu) [Circulatory],

This is a natural byproduct of fermented red rice that supports the body’s ability to regulate cholesterol. It is formulated with vitamin C and lemon bioflavonoids (important antioxidant nutrients that can have a positive influence on cholesterol production, LDL and plaque). Take 1 capsule two–three times daily with meals. Cholester-Reg is for adults only.Do not take more than 3 capsules daily. Do not use with grapefruit juice.Stock No. 555-4 (60)

Co-Q10 - 100 mg. [Circulatory, Vital Nutrition]

This is a unique product containing a vitaminlike substance called coenzyme Q10. An enzyme can induce chemical changes in other substances without being changed itself. Enzymes are made up of two parts—a protein portion and a cofactor portion consisting of minerals or vitamins. Each capsule contains 100 mg of CoQ10 with 325 mg of hawthorn berries with the following minerals (percentages calculated per every three capsules): Iron 6 mg, Magnesium 75 mg, Zinc 15 mg, Copper 7.5 mg, These minerals are organically chelated to the amino acids leucine, histidine and glycine for better absorption, and they are combined in a base of capsicum fruit and hawthorn berries. This dynamic duo quenches free radicals and helps increase total energy production—especially for the heart muscle. Take 1–3 capsules daily with meals that contain a little fat for better absorption.Stock No. 1822-9 (60)

Ginkgo & HawthornCombination [Circulatory]

This contains Ginkgo biloba leaves and hawthorn berries, used in many cultures to support the circulatory system. Main active ingredients: Ginkgo heterosides, best when standardized at 24%. Aids in cerebral circulation, therefore indicated in post vascular accidents involving the cerebral circulation. Ginkgo is also indicated in peripheral vascular spasms and other vascular irregularities, i.e. varicose veins. Ginkgo leaves are an excellent herbal source of iron, calcium and vitamin C, all important nutrients. Iron is an essential element in the body, and is especially known as a blood constituent. Calcium is the most plentiful mineral in the body. It is found in the bones and teeth and plays a vital role in muscle function, nerve contraction and blood clotting. Vitamin C is an antioxidant involved in a number of chemical processes in the body. Hawthorn is one of the main cardio-tonics. It is indicated during most, if not all, cardiac deficiencies, irregularities, and most age related changes in the myocardium. It is a good choice in hypertension as a tonic along with the appropriate hypertensive. It is also employed after heart attack or any other cause of cardiac damage. Hawthorn berries seem to enhance enzyme metabolism and oxygen utilization in the heart muscle. Ginkgo and hawthorn make a popular combination in Europe. Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.Stock No. 909-3 (100)

l-Arginine [Circulatory]

l-Arginine not only supports the body's efforts to regulate blood pressure, it enhances waste elimination and boosts immune, heart and brain functions. Scientific studies have shown that taking l-arginine orally can improve the beneficial expansion of blood vessels, thereby allowing the blood to flow more freely through the cardiovascular system. This may help the body maintain healthy blood pressure and help prevent cardiovascular dysfunction. This product also has a beneficial effect on the kidneys, helping them control salt levels in the body. Salt levels have been linked to high blood pressure.

CAUTION: Persons infected with herpes should not take supplemental arginine. L-arginine is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. Individuals with kidney or liver problems and schizophrenics should consult their health care provider before supplementing with arginine. Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.Stock No. 1586-2 (100)

LOCLO with Stevia [Vital Nutrition]

At least 1 million people in the U.S. make psyllium hulls a regular part of their diet. SynerPro LOCLO makes getting that fiber into the diet easy. This exciting product contains fiber from five different sources: psyllium hulls, apple fiber, acacia gum, guar gum and oat bran. Each serving offers 3.8 grams total dietary fiber (3.2 grams soluble fiber and 0.6 grams insoluble fiber). In addition to providing you with five sources of fiber, new LOCLO now contains stevia. We've reduced the amount of fructose in the formula, and that means fewer calories and a better taste, all at the same price. When you enjoy this sodium-free, potassium-rich supplement, you're getting vital benefits of regular LOCLO in a tasty mixture without the guilt! LOCLO also contains the nutritious SynerPro Concentrate base containing, Cellulose (plant fiber), stearic acid, magnesium stearate (vegetable), silicon dioxide (powdered silica), Alfalfa herb (Medicago sativa), Asparagus stem (Asparagus officinalis), Barley Grass juice (Hordeum vulgare), Broccoli powder (Brassica oleracea), Cabbage powder (Brassica oleracea), Hesperidin, Lemon Bioflavonoids, Rutin, Rose Hips concentrate (Rosa canina), Wheat Germ, and Kelp plant (Ascophyllum nodosum).

With LOCLO you’re not just getting fiber—you’re getting many important nutrients too. This unique feature separates LOCLO from many other supplements on the market. Take this product as recommended. Drinking enough water is essential. Avoid use if you have ever had esophageal narrowing or swallowing difficulties. May cause allergic reaction in persons sensitive to inhaled or ingested psyllium. Add 1 tablespoon to 8 oz. liquid and stir. Drink immediately.Stock No. 1348-4 (12 oz.)

Vari-Gone™ [Circulatory]

This is a combination of six powerful herbs and nutrients that work together to fortify and nourish the overall health of veins. This formula not only improves appearance, but supports optimal blood flow to the heart, thereby relieving fluid congestion in the legs and minimizing the occurrence of damaged or weakened vessels that obstruct proper circulation. Its nutrients improve the strength, tone and function of the veins. Continued use may improve hemorrhoid conditions and minimize the appearance of varicose and spider veins. Vari-Gone contains: Standardized extract of Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), standardized extract of Butcher’s Broom, Rutin, Hesperidin, Lemon bioflavonoids, Ascorbic acid. Horse chestnut is mainly indicated for venous insufficiency. Increases strength and tone of the blood vessels by decreasing the number and size of the capillary pores which in turn, decreases perivascular edema. Take 1 or 2 capsules twice daily with a meal.Stock No. 999-9 (90)

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