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BioCore® Optimum Digestive Enzymes

BioCore® Optimum Digestive Enzymes work?

BioCore® Optimum is a comprehensive enzyme formula designed to support the proper digestion of foods.
Digestive enzymes, which are naturally produced by the body and also obtained from foods, are essential to the breakdown of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Without them, even the most nutritious foods would not be of use to the body, as the vitamins and minerals they contain would not be properly absorbed. Foods would also move slowly through the digestive tract, resulting in a number of potential gastrointestinal discomforts.  

The body loses its ability to produce enzymes with age. In addition, poor eating habits, such as not chewing food properly, may lead to inadequate enzyme production. Consuming excess processed or overcooked foods, rather than fresh, raw fruits and vegetables (which contain enzymes that naturally break down foods) is another potential cause of enzyme deficiency.

BioCore® Optimum contains a variety of non-animal-derived digestive enzymes—including proteases (which act on proteins), amylases (which act on starches) and lipase (which acts on fats)—to encourage proper digestion of foods. When taken with meals, it promotes healthy digestion and enhanced nutrient absorption. It may also contribute to improved elimination, thereby promoting colon and intestinal health.

BioCore Optimum® has been tested for efficacy by TNO, a research organization in the Netherlands. Using a patented, dynamic computer-controlled model of the human gastrointestinal tract, researchers found that the combination of fungal enzymes in BioCore® Optimum successfully survived the acidic conditions of the stomach, demonstrating activity at a variety of pH ranges. Unlike animal enzymes, which must be enterically coated to ensure activity in the stomach, BioCore® Optimum’s fungal microbial enzymes are especially resistant to stomach acid.

Scientists have conducted additional tests with BioCore® Optimum, subjecting it to pH, temperature and gastric survivability studies. The formula has been shown to start breaking down starch in the stomach immediately after a meal. It also kick starts protein digestion in the stomach, continuing it through the small intestines.

For best results, one vegetarian BioCore® Optimum capsule should be taken at the beginning of, or during, each meal.

BioCore® Optimum Digestive Enzymes is better because it:
•Has been clinically tested for efficacy using a patented digestive system model.
•Is 100% vegetarian with a unique, non-GMO blend of fungal-derived enzymes.

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