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Your Blood is Most Likely Tainted with Toxic Chemicals, Says CDC

by Dr. Donna Schwontkowski May 1, 2018

Toxins are constantly in the news. Have you noticed them yet? Maybe you recall the toxic oil spill in the Gulf Coast a few years ago.

Or the recent EPA disaster, where 3 million gallons of toxic chemicals and heavy metals were spilled into a Colorado river from Gold King Mine. The spill affected three nearby states plus Navajo Indian reservations that depended on the river for their sustenance. All the communities drawing water from the river then had to deal with arsenic, iron, copper, lead, chromium, and zinc. The estimated cost to clean up the mess was reported to be at least $500 million.

The EPA, Supposed to Protect People, Caused the Harm Again

Five months earlier, EPA contractors struck a water main in Georgia at a 19th century cotton mill site and sent deadly sediment containing 34 different toxic chemicals such as benzo(a)pyrene into a nearby creek. Lead levels in the soil were tested and found to be 20,000 times higher than levels known to be safe.

We Are All Affected By These Disasters

If you think that because you don’t live near these environmental disasters you are safe, think again. The truth is that you simply haven’t heard about some of the alarming studies done by reputable governmental agencies and universities and environmental watchdog groups.

Back in 2008, The CDC reported that nearly all Americans could expect to be contaminated with a sunscreen called oxybenzone. The chemical has been known to be correlated with hormone disruption, allergies, damage to the cells, and low birth weight in girls. Back then, about 600 sunscreens contained the chemical, but it was also found in moisturizers, lipstick and lip products, and other personal hygiene or personal care products.

In 2009, the landmark study that started to wake up Americans was released. “Two hundred twelve contaminants were found in the blood and urine of thousands of people tested from 1999-2004,” reported a federal government study.

The Environmental Working Group, a watchdog group for environmental contamination, ran its own study in 2009 on cord blood, and detected up to 232 contaminants in 10 minority infants. A similar prior study found up to 287 chemicals in the cord blood of 10 other infants.

Chemicals are foreign substances that cause various reactions in the body, including inflammation, immune system activation, hormone disruption, and even the initiation of cancer. Industries release 10 million tons of toxic chemicals – or 682 pounds  per second into the water, land and air per year, according to some statistics. Many of these are recognized carcinogens, poisons, substances that are known to cause birth defects or linked to illness.

The key to your health is to get them out of your body. You can find out what heavy metals are already lodged in your body via a hair analysis, and discover chemicals in your body that are circulating in your blood with a blood test.

After you discover what’s lurking in your cells doing damage behind the scenes and no doubt contributing to chronic diseases and degenerative diseases, there are a variety of ways to do this. Here’s a short list of some of them:

1) Sweat Them Out

Get an infrared sauna and sit in it 10 minutes a day.  Studies testing the sweat of those who ‘baked’ in an infrared sauna showed that their sweat contained higher concentrations of chemicals and heavy metals than sweat of those who were exercising.

toxic chemicals

2) Use Clay to Pull Them Out

Foot baths or whole body baths with specialized clays to pull out heavy metals have been long used for detoxification. These foot baths are done regularly, depending on the amount of toxins accumulated in the body.

toxic chemicals

3) Eat Foods Without Chemicals

By eating nothing but organic foods, you can create a natural detoxification process and remove the toxins at a faster rate than normal.

toxic chemicals

4) You Need Pure Water – No Excuse

Drink totally pure water, preferably distilled or ionized. The pure water will grab onto the chemicals and flush them out via your kidneys.

toxic chemicals

5) Organ Cleansing is Essential

Begin systematically detoxifying your colon and liver. You can’t detoxify your liver until there’s an open route for toxins to flow out via the colon, so a colon cleanse is your first step. A colon cleanse is simply a combination of herbs meant to bind and excrete chemicals and other unwanted substances in the digestive tract. As it works, it increases your bowel movements to the recommended three per day, one that occurs after every meal.

Doing organ cleanses is a matter of taking capsules every day for a period of several weeks at a time. With all the toxins in the environment, it is absolutely vital to cleanse these most important organs that protect us twice a year. As the toxin levels rise, we will all have to increase the frequency of these cleanses – and potentially stay on these cleanses all year round.

But what is the alternative? To start to suffer from man’s degenerative diseases? It’s simply not acceptable to suffer…