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The Rise of Eyeology

By Leonard Mehlmauer, ND (ret.)


We’ve heard the phrase about how currently accepted science is first ridiculed, then violently opposed, then finally received as obvious fact. The Eyology sciences of Iridology and Sclerology are in the first phase of this phenomenon. Physical Iridology has been around since the days of the Pharaohs, with hieroglyphs showing physicians peering into the eyes of patients. Sclerology may have been around even longer, but at least we see it illustrated in the pages of Chinese medical texts* dating back over 1000 years. Note that Physical Iridology and Sclerology are forms of health evaluation, not forms of treatment. They are non-invasive and have their areas of application. While they are not properly used for "diagnosis" (the purview of medicine), they are exceedingly valuable when rightly used.

Naturopathic is the oldest form of medicine, dating back to the Stone Age and beyond, when physical manipulation, rituals and incantations, herbs, food, water and other natural procedures were used—including surgery via sharp rocks. Allopathic, the current (2010) dominant form of medicine, is based on techniques (surgery) borrowed from Naturopathic—with the addition of pharmaceutical drugs and other invasive and often harmful procedures. Allopathic is now being questioned, and for very good reasons. It is intrusive compared with the more traditional forms of medicine. As practiced, it has been quite abusive, costing millions of lives and untold suffering. It is no wonder, then, that it is being not only questioned but abandoned by increasing numbers of consumers.

Allopathic medicine currently dominates the health/disease professions of this world due mainly to powerful money people. The Rockefellers made a power play to dominate medicine in the early 1900s by buying up and otherwise encouraging pharmaceutical interests and Big Oil to accredit drug-type medical schools and discredit others—the others being Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and medical schools of women and other minorities. This worked to disallow all but AMA-sponsored drug/surgery/radiation-oriented and approved schools which got all the government money and support they needed to dominate medicine and the general health scene. And ever since then, they have ruthlessly persecuted and prosecuted anyone daring to challenge their form of medicine or even to set up shop with an alternative form.

This, of course, severely limits our choices of the kinds of medicine we may wish to use. If we have a broken arm or leg to set the limb, we obviously need the skills of a certain kind of practitioner, in this case, one trained in Allopathic medicine at that level. We may temporarily need a drug to allay pain. We may need the services of specialists to birth a difficult newborn delivery, or diagnose a chronic disease circumstance. Aside from these situations, most health and disease circumstances are best managed by other forms of medicine than Allopathic. Unfortunately, we’ve been brainwashed by the media-dominated immensely powerful Allopathic interests (Big Pharma) to believe that only their so-called "medical doctors" can help us—with virtually any and every type of disorder.

Moreover, the failure of the grossly misapplied Allopathic paradigm is witnessed today by the overwhelmingly enormous financial and human costs of medical / hospital treatment, their numerous accidents and mistakes; by the high number of nosocomial (hospital-caused) and iatrogenic (doctor-caused) diseases, and the out-of-control rise of disease processes in our Western Culture and the Big Pharma-dominated cultures of the world—diseases that can easily be managed by the inexpensive and benign treatments and life-positive instruction provided by so-called "Alternative" and Traditional medicine.

Physical Iridology has variously appeared and disappeared in various cultures in various eras. It has recently gained a resurgence and popularity, and there are good reasons for this. It has its place in health evaluation, as the Russians learned during WWII when a great German proponent, Josef Deck, was captured by the Russian Army and pressed into service in their hospitals. The Russians had no Big Pharma to tell them what to avoid that "has no merit." Noting that Deck could see a wide variety of health and disease qualities in the irises of the eyes, the Russians did their own investigations of this method to their satisfaction—to the point of teaching it in their medical schools, as they do to this day. 2

Sclerology is still under-the-radar to the inspection by the American Medical Association and their master, Big Pharma. While Physical Iridology excels in showing us genetic predisposition, Sclerology is best at showing relatively recent disease conditions. Neither should be used as primary diagnostics since they cannot show up-to-the-minute disease circumstances that would be needed to, e.g., show an acutely inflamed appendix that needs immediate surgery. Eyology merits go far beyond such rare circumstances. They don’t "diagnose" ("cancer", "diabetes", etc.), they evaluate, using generic terms. They focus on areas of tendency, describing areas of greatest vulnerability and need for support, even apparently showing, e.g., all six categories of parasites, five levels of drug involvement, and the predisposition to and early development of neoplasm—well in advance of its appearance as symptoms. And much more.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture have had to battle their way into a tentative place in the American health care scene. Thankfully, far too many Americans and Canadians have enjoyed successes with these forms of treatment for Big Pharma to be able to continue to ignore them and suppress them. We’ve come too far and too many people have enjoyed the benefits of Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Still, Big Pharma would eliminate them completely if it could. The Eyology sciences are in a similar position to where Chiropractic and Acupuncture were some years ago. But these Eyology sciences are more vulnerable since their schools have not developed to the point of the other two sciences. And, as noted, they are not treatments but evaluations. Still, they are frightening to Big Pharma because they offer evidence of the damages and failures of the so often misapplied drug, surgery and radiation procedures. And, they are inexpensive and non-invasive.

"Quacks" are in every profession, those you wouldn’t send your worst enemy to. And there are those of little character who, not truly investigating Eyology, make fun of it in order to (they think) raise themselves up. There are those who take a weekend class and hold themselves out as experts. They’ll make cheap copies of the work of practiced professionals and go to health fairs where they find "cancer" in the eyes of attendees! And then there have been the silly "tests" of Iridology that inappropriately required the practitioner to describe a disease process from a photograph. While Sclerology would work better in such an evaluation, the rightly-trained practitioner will always ask for much more information before making any statement as to a disease process—and even then, Eyologists will use generic terms. No practitioner in his right mind (including MDs) would try to guess a patient’s disorder without proper investigation—via blood tests, X-ray, MRI, and/or at least a good history.

Finally, Physical Iridology and Sclerology must stand on their own as developing sciences of health evaluation. Eyology-fostering schools and organizations are growing worldwide, particularly in the USA, Australia, Europe and (most recently) in Brazil. Peer review is building, since it is acknowledged that if you don’t have peer review you don’t have science. Genuine research projects are now underway, including by Grand Medicine in the USA. Research has already been done by Russian Iridologists such as Evgeny Velkhover, MD, DSc., as well as by various German and other European practitioners. It’s just a matter of time before the third ("finally accepted") phase of the above-noted social phenomenon has occurred. Meanwhile, we must persevere. Before he died, Dr. Velkhover predicted that in 25 years Eyology would be accepted as the premiere health evaluation science.

There is a right use for every kind of medicine. Eyology is no different. It has its place, its right and its wrong application. Physical Iridology and Sclerology are up against a powerful enemy that would prevent their even appearing in the health field. Big Pharma, with its intended monopoly of medicine, has already judged them and is jealous of any successes these "new" sciences may have. The people who have experienced the right uses of the Eyology sciences have never complained. They know what is valuable to them and what works. They want the Eyology sciences—and at least want them to be available, whether they use them or not. And the people must—and will—have the last say in the kind of medicine they wish to enjoy.

*References provided on request