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How To Protect Your Liver

by: Junji Takano 

Do you know what your liver do? It decomposes alcohol. It also creates energy and makes bile, synthesizes vitamins, and detoxifies the body. Liver is one of the most important organs in your whole body. In fact, the liver performs many tasks, as much as 500 kinds of chemical processing to keep your body running smoothly.

Now, we receive reports that there's a dramatic increase of liver disease cases globally. According to the reports we have gathered, people who never drink alcoholic beverages may still get liver problems. In fact, many victims of liver disease are not alcoholics. Liver disease is also asymptomatic, presenting no symptoms of the disease. Gourmet foods around can also cause liver disease.

Why do we have to tackle liver disease? It is because many people are forgetting about liver management. When liver trouble occurs, it might already be too late, and even surgery may not help you anymore. It is because most liver diseases do not show any symptoms of it getting worse.

Sometimes, when you find out that you have liver disease, the liver had already been damaged severely to the extent that the damage had become irreversible. Yes, this condition may be invisible even with CT scan. Can you believe that? It really happens. Basically, your liver melts little by little.

We recommend that you undergo checkup every year by your hospital.

We really recommend you to find your best diet to avoid liver disease. 

Monty Hall Problem as a Health Solution

Look at the illustration below. Does it look familiar?

Watch the Monty Hall Problem video here:

Do you remember sometime back in 1990s when “Monty Hall problem” became one of the most popular television game show worldwide? It is a kind of probability puzzle. A well-known statement of the problem was published in Marilyn vos Savant's magazine column “Ask Marilyn” in 1990.

For better use of it, I myself tried to find the truth about it to help my friends, co-workers, teachers, doctors, patients, job-seekers, travellers and many other interested parties.

Of course, I modified the above system and gathered about 300 university students, factory workers, and office workers, to find out a better application of it to guide us for right answers using this system.

Our research and studies showed that it gave a probability of more than 75% positive answer. We were so delighted with its outcome, so we thought of applying it for several categories to find the possibilities of choosing the right answer for trouble-laden people of the world. Is it possible? Whether you believe it or not, we did it! Why don't you try it by yourself, too? Yes, it helps positively.

Applications are uncountable...for job-seekers, travelling guide, get-well messages, judging decisions, and many more. With this system, we were able to help breast cancer patients who are worried and undecided if they're going to take surgery or not.

We are now even applying it for gravely ill people for them to find out the answer whether they can live or not. They enjoy this as a game and at the same time, many were able to choose to live. Better than PYRO-ENERGEN, isn't it?