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Where’d the Money Come From? Grell/Barrett Pay Off Polevoy – Polevoy Pays Off Rosenthal…

Last week I wrote an article titled “Polevoy Thrashes Barrett and Grell in California – Piles of Money Change Hands…“ From it, Stephen Barrett, sent me three emails this last week – two of them were angry, and the third sort of whimpered.

Barrett was denying everything. I’ll show you the email exchange in a minute.

Stephen Barrett hasn’t sent me an email since the year 2000, eleven years ago. Barrett at the time was VERY angry at me, and, frankly, I had given him VERY good reason for that anger. I mocked him in his own group, and there was nothing he could do about it – for I had been given his insider mailing list – and I was using it – sending personal copies of my newsletter to his insider group. Barrett was livid, and so were his people.

Why were they all so angry? Several reasons: (1) They couldn’t control the information flow – which seems to be their mission in life, and (2) the list, and there was only 340 people on it, gave me access to their IP addresses, so I could trace them to their home computers should someone, anyone, want to legally Summons them in a court case (Remember when Hulda Clark filed a RICO Complaint against all those people?), and (3) My message to those quackpots, who liked being scary to others, was very clear – “I’m right here in your den and you ain’t much.”

I was learning, even then, that Barrett’s support network (his minions) simply were not much as people – a pack of life’s frustrated losers, venting at the world.

This time, however, I think, it isn’t me invading his group and telling them what’s really going on (they all monitor my newsletter, anyway – and some of them even know how to look up the meaning of the bigger words). This time Barrett’s anger seems to be about the subject material described in the title of THIS article.

So, what’s important here?

In order to satisfy Ilena Rosenthal, and her legion of attorneys – a boatload of money had to come their way. They had pursued Terry Polevoy, for what he owed, to the ends of the earth. Why? Frankly, Ilena was very angry about what the threesome, and their minions, had done to her – and I can’t blame her.

I’m estimating that at the time of settlement in the Polevoy v Grell, et al, court case, there was close to $700,000 US owed by Terry Polevoy to Ilena Rosenthal. That would have included the original $311,000 awarded by the court to Rosenthal in the Barrett v Clark case, compounded interest at 10% annually, and Judgment Recovery Costs. The Courts allow for automatic Recovery Costs in a judgment – whatever they may be – and Rosenthal was pursuing Polevoy through the Canadian Court System for the money.

More, as angry as Ilena Rosenthal was, remember that $700,000 US was for attorney fees. I doubt that Ilena, as a reasonable person, would have settled for JUST attorney fees. My guess would be she’d want another $500,000 just to shut up, relax, and go lay in the sun for a while.. So now we’re looking at 1.2 million? And, the whole settlement is “Confidential.”

So, where’d the money to pay off Rosenthal come from?

Grell, the attorney, I doubt, was good for it. Barrett certainly wasn’t. Polevoy doesn’t have two nickels to rub together – even Canadian Nickels.

Which brings the last three questions – (1) “Who, exactly, was Polevoy going to name as the “John Doe” Defendants? (2) Is that where the money came from?” (3) Since it is apparent that attorney Christopher Grell never got paid a thin dime by either Polevoy nor Barrett, who paid himfor his legal services? – an amount much larger than that accumulated by Rosenthal’s attorneys.

I think it would be in everyone’s interest if Doctor’s Data, during discovery in the Doctor’s Data v Barrett Federal Court case, asked Barrett, Grell, and Polevoy just those questions.