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Our gall bladder is essential to digestion, although the way people have them removed, it seems hard to believe. It begins the digestion and absorption for the rest of the body to be nourished. When the gall bladder is not working properly, there is usually a feeling of fullness after eating - that stuffed and stuck feeling. If it gets really bad, you may even feel gall bladder pain in the back of the body. When the digestion is extremely poor, you may begin to experience reflux. This is also a gall bladder symptom. Many times when people believe they have pulled out their back, it's really the gall bladder abused. If they think about it, they'll find they have been eating a lot of foods lately that aggravate the poor gall bladder. In America, this organ is definitely overworked. And when the gall bladder is not working right, the arteries suffer. The gall bladder will use the arteries to store the fats and cholesterol it is unable to digest. As the nurturing area cleans up, so do the arteries. It's amazing how this body works!

Foods to avoid to help heal the gall bladder are:

No fried food, no hydrogenated oils, no pork, no COW cheese. Substitute with good quality oils (read labels) including olive, canola, sunflower, sesame or safflower oils. Make sure products you purchase contain good oils. Substitute your cheese with soy, rice or goat cheese. These do not seem to affect the gall bladder. Avoid walnuts & roasted cashews as both are high in oils. If the gall bladder is very bad, all seeds & nuts may need to be avoided for a few weeks until such time as the gall bladder cleans itself out.

Herbs that help cleanse the gall bladder:
Again, my favorites for this area include dandelion and yellow dock. They do a wonderful job with the whole nurturing center. If you have doubts, always start with a tea first as it is less potent than the capsules, or try the tincture where you can start slowly with one drop and work you way upward to five drops per day.

Negative emotions that affect the gall bladder:
The gall bladder is where we store our fear, our worries and our anxieties. No wonder so many are pulled out. We have become professionals in surrounding ourselves in our fears. In order to overcome your fears, you have to jump right in and face them. The flowers help us to learn how to do this. The two flower essences used for fear are: Aspen for unknown fears and Mimulus for known fears.  is intended as an educational tool only. A physician or healthcare provider, is essential to diagnose conditions and supervise the use of any medications to treat individual health problems. This website is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical care. You should seek the best medical resources available to help make informed medical decisions.

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