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Natural News Store launches Ginseng Synergy, a harmonious blend of six ginseng varieties from across the globe

NaturalNews) Today we're announcing what I consider to be a breakthrough immunomodulating, adaptogenic tincture that's now available for the very first time. Ginseng Synergy combines six carefully selected ginseng varieties from around the globe into an unprecedented formula for health and wellbeing:*

Siberian Ginseng, American Ginseng, Indian Ginseng, Peruvian Ginseng, Tienchi Ginseng and Southern Ginseng

These ginseng varieties have, for thousands of years, been part of many different systems of traditional medicine, including Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The combination creates a true "synergy" that seems to strengthen the overall formula while avoiding the usual "ginseng jitters" that many people experience from consuming one isolated ginseng variety by itself.

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100% non-GMO, no alcohol and very low metals

The formula is made with 100% non-GMO vegetable glycerin, making it taste quite delicious. Because it contains no alcohol, it's also perfect for people seeking to avoid alcohol. The original minerals of the ginseng roots are blended into the tincture thanks to the use of the Spagyrex method which first extracts the active chemical constituents of the plant, then the root is turned to mineral ash which is blended back in. This preserves both the phytonutrients as well as the original minerals of the root.

Just as importantly, Ginseng Synergy has been laboratory confirmed to contain very low levels of heavy metals. As Natural News readers know, we have been testing many foods and raw materials for metals contamination, and we've found shocking high levels in many foods. For example, we've found 3,000 ppb of cadmium in organic brown rice!

This Ginseng Synergy formula, however, is one of the cleanest tinctures we've ever tested, and lab results give us the following levels, which are so low that they're even lower than Prop 65 requirements. We are quite possibly the only tincture supplement provider to publicly publish our metals testing results:

Lead = 0.016 ppm Mercury = 0.006 ppm Arsenic = 0.004 ppm Cadmium = 0.008 ppm

(These extremely low levels were determined by ICP-MS, which is capable of detecting parts per trillion.)

It is a startling fact that most manufacturers of tinctures do not test their products for heavy metals. Natural News is one of the few that actually goes to great effort and expense to run metals tests on every product we develop, making sure the levels are extremely low. This ginseng product took a very long time to formulate because our formulator also adheres to the same stringent requirements.

Dozens of batches of raw materials were REJECTED because they did not pass our quality standards. These batches are, of course, being sold to somebody else right now who is using them in cheaper ginseng products formulated without regard for heavy metals contamination levels.

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