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Health Ranger update: Monsanto Video Revolt and SCIENCE website expansion

NaturalNews) Happy Thursday! I hope this update finds you well. Here's what we've got going on:

The Monsanto Video Revolt that we held yesterday was a huge success. It was a LIVE broadcast that accompanied all your uploaded videos, and together we easily reached millions of people with a message to resist Monsanto's genetic pollution and food poisoning efforts.

Anthony Gucciardi, Edward Group and myself hosted four hours of commentary that was broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people, with 120,000 viewers tuning in (real-time stat) at the peak. You can watch a recording of that broadcast here:

(Just keep in mind it's a little clunky for the first few minutes, as we weren't sure it was actually working yet. This was our first run with the new Google multi-party broadcast technology, and it gave us a few challenges.)

Make no mistake: The world is standing in solidarity against Monsanto and the very existence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). All around the world, the People are opposed to corporate patents on seeds and genes, and we demand that Monsanto be utterly dismantled and permanently barred from conducting its destructive business practices anywhere on the planet. gets relational score update

As you also know, we recently launched, which instantly became a highly popular reference resource because it indexes and cross-related keyword concepts spanning millions of published scientific studies. allows you to quickly and easily conduct research on toxic chemicals, medicinal plant nutrients, prescription drug side effects, holistic healing therapies and more.

As of today, we have rolled out an update that rates the relational concepts with a "weight score" so you can gauge the intensity of the relationships among two different terms.

For example, if you visit this page on curcumin:

... you'll see on the right column that it is statistically related to a multitude of concepts ranging from cancer to "chemopreventive." Each of these related concepts is weighed and ranked accordingly. You can click on any of these concepts to see a listing of all the published studies involving those TWO terms.

For example, if you want to see the science on curcumin and cancer, just click the "cancer" link, and you get this:v

As you can clearly see, is the ultimate FREE research tool for exploring the scientific benefits of healing substances as well as the well-established harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals, heavy metals or synthetic chemicals. Help spread the word and make nutritional science easily accessible to everyone. Four million studies now being deployed

As promised, we are now in the process of deploying the next million scientific studies, bringing the total on the website to four million. This is on schedule to be expanded by roughly one million each week until we achieve the full collection of 20+ million studies. v We have already received hundreds of thousands of visitors to, and people are sending us comments in astonishment of how useful the tool is. There's much more to come, as we're expanding it rapidly...

We are getting lots of feedback about concepts that people would like added to the system, and we've already added words like "raw dairy" and "chicken pox vaccine" along with many others. You will see those rolled out in the next update.

Earth sciences and environment category coming next The latest development on the R&D side is the addition of a new category called "Earth Sciences and Environment." This category consists of approximately 200 new concepts such as species migration, rainforests, climate change, hydrologic cycle, genetic pollution and more.

This new category will be rolled out with the four million studies update, expected to be deployed by early next week. I'm also considering adding other categories such as astronomy and astrophysics but haven't yet made any firm decisions on that.

And yes, it's no coincidence that our category selection grouping mimics the Periodic Table of Elements, a monumental achievement in the history of scientific understanding. I'm a huge fan of the Table of Elements and the enormous insight that went into its development, all the way back to Mendeleev. This table has taught me a lot about metals poisoning, nutrition and even human civilization. You can trace the history of human civilization through the Table of Elements if you really know what to look for. Watch for more amazing science developments right here at: