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Introduction to Herbalism

Herbal medicine or Herbalism is the component of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (C.A.M.) which has to do with the use of herbs and their extracts for various conditions therapy and it is based on traditional and folk recipes from all over the world. Medical herbal products are used more and more in the modern western world for natural healing. Many herbs have been used for centuries and have been proved to be beneficial for various diseases treatment. Herbs are natural products, but this often leads to a common misunderstanding.

Natural Mastic Gum of Chios

Chios Mastic Gum

Chios mastic is a resinous aromatic substance that comes from boles and branches of the mastic tree. The tree is scientifically named Pistacia Lentiscious var. Chia and it is an evergreen bush which grows only in the south part of Chios island of Aegean Sea. What is more, Chios natural mastic gum is a regional protected name by the European Union.

Hair loss, nutrition and natural treatment

Hair is very significant to the appearance for men and women. It is a normal process to shed 50-100 hairs daily, when shampooing and brushing the hair. For whatever reason if the hair loss is bigger and persists for long time, you should be worried and look for possible causes. Hair loss, occasional or chronic and the progressive thinning and ageing of the hair is a common male most cases the process is reversible, apart from cases of genetic tendency and serious illness.


Bowtech: A New Holistic Therapy

Bowtech term is an abbreviation of the words “Bowen” and “Technique”. It is a holistic vibrational healing therapy which was invented by the Australian physiotherapist Tom Bowen on 1950, while he was trying to find a cure for his wife asthma disease. Tom Bowen used to apply his therapy to injured soldiers of 2nd World War and he generally achieved to relieve pain and treat their contusions. In 1974 the research that had been carried out by Health Ministry of Australia was the cause of Bowtech’s appreciation firstly in Australia and gradually all over the world.


Top Aromatherapy Recipes For Insomnia

It is well know that Aromatherapy can be beneficial for those who suffer from several mental disorders. The essential oil’s effectiveness comes through their calming and relaxing properties that can soothe stressed mind, unwind tired body and generally lull and overcome insomnia. Before suggesting some tips and aromatherapy recipes, read what exactly insomnia is and how it incommodes health and life.

Relieve Stress Naturally With Aromatherapy Tips

Nowadays, almost everybody experience stress in his life. Stress term describes any mental, emotional or physical reaction that is abnormal. Stress is a natural part of our life. Sometimes it is beneficial because it keep us focused and persistent on our goal (work, study, etc.), but generally stress is one of the major threat of our mental and physical health. Feeling stress, especially on a daily basis and for a long period, may cause several health disorders, such as anxiousness, headaches, blood pressure, hair loss, depression, even heart attach.


How To Stay Young – Go Naturally

Throughout history, human beings have always tried to slow down the process of getting old and conceal the signs of aging. Definitely, it would be lovely to stay young for the rest of our lives, to look strong and healthy. But, is this possible or just an infeasible dream?

New scientific researches and experiments have confirmed that with the advance of bio-technology and genetic science a healthy life that extends to 120 years is a high probability in this century. However the extension of life span would be reality only for the ones that could afford the high expenditure.

Hair Loss Natural Treatment

Thinning hair, hair loss and especially baldness are stressful and traumatic issues for men as they grow older. At least 50% of male population of earth suffers from hair loss problems and this percentage is higher for men in developed world, due to tense life, unhealthy nutrition and pestiferous climate. Moreover, if your father had hair loss then you probably encounter with the same hair condition because “male pattern baldness” is a hereditary disease.

Holistic Medicine – 5 main branches

Definitely you have heard of Holistic Medicine. For certainty, a friend of yours has experienced an alternative treatment. Probably, you have tried to benefit from a complementary therapy too. Perhaps, you know few holistic treatments. But, I am convinced that you do not know all the branches of Holistic Medicine. According to web references there are over of 30 main types of Holistic Medicine. In this article we will introduce you to 5 main Holistic therapies.