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About Us

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Our goal, is to teach the physician and lay person, who are unfamiliar with "Alternative Medicine" and wish to learn more, move and look around this web-site keeping your mind and eyes wide open. Also keep in mind that the foundation for these therapies is "Natural Healing" and the primary objective of alternative medicine is to "Assist the Patient in Restoring Their Own Health".

Alternative Medicine addresses disease with the simple understanding that "A person cannot be sick and well at the same time". When you understand this simple statement then you will understand alternative medicines quest for health instead of wasting time and lives chasing disease.

As a curious person, you will learn to always start the approach of a patients problem, as "a deficience of health instead of having a disease". Remember health and disease are incompatible and a person cannot exist in both states simultaneously. Learn to help them conquer disease by restoring their health. Read the "New England Journal of Medicine special article on Alternative Medicine" and see how easy it is to effectively treat all forms of chronic disease when you employ the philosophy of restoring health instead of treating disease

Our Goal, is to teach everyone, how to "Health Yourself" and "Enlighten Up" at the same time. Thank you, and hope to see you here again.

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