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After blocking a fossil fuel pipeline, Massachusetts was so short on energy, officials had to purchase natural gas from Russia

Worried about “climate change” and the threat of rising temperatures, Massachusetts officials adopted anti-fossil fuel policies in 2016 that made millions of residents very vulnerable during the long, cold 2017-2018 winter season.

NEW: The Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays Originate From Unknown Galaxies

Where do cosmic rays come from? Solving a 50-year old mystery, a collaboration of researchers has discovered it is much farther than the Milky Way.

In an paper published in the scientific journal ‘Science’, the Pierre Auger Collaboration has definitively answered the question of whether cosmic particles had originated from outside the Milky Way Galaxy. Their research notes that studying the distribution of the cosmic ray arrival directions is the first step in determining where the extragalactic particles originate.


Cleanse Your Liver without Pain with Only One Sip and Look Younger

health freedom alliance, 9 February 2016
Do you want to clean your liver easily? If you do, we will give you a simple recipe on how to prepare a beverage that will take you only a minute.

America Needs to Start Paying Attention to How Denmark Is Generating Its Electricity

Claire Bernish, January 20, 2016
Setting a sustainable example for the rest of the world, Denmark generated a record-breaking 42% of its electricity last year from wind turbines — upping the country’s previous world record, set in 2014, by 3%.


Can I Go Off the Grid with Solar Batteries?

<strong><h5><p>Vikram Aggarwal, EnergySage, October 8, 2015
Newer, more efficient solar panels and inverters have been in the news recently, but advancements in solar technology aren’t limited to standard equipment